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Relieve administrative responsibilities and focus on CX and business success

Mindy Eddy

By Mindy Eddy

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Relieve Administrative Responsibilities Focus Cx Business Success

Talkdesk offers advanced administrative services to help customers optimize their contact center.

We continue to work closely with our customers to improve Customer Experience (CX) and achieve greater revenue. By partnering with leading customer experience consultancies to outsource administrative efforts, we aim to reinforce our commitment towards providing customers with a better agent and customer experience, and increased customer advocacy.

Talkdesk Managed Services allows businesses to supplement their teams with an advanced administrator. Managing software and associated tasks needed to put the contact center running smoothly and efficiently becomes easier, relieving the administrative obligation and letting businesses focus on operational and strategic tasks.

While our Technical Account Managers and Premium Support Engineers devote themselves to optimize the platform and provide technical leadership, a dedicated administrator measures, reports, analyzes, and optimizes contact center operations, and monitors and resolves issues before they disrupt agents, customers, or the business.

Why did Talkdesk choose PPT Solutions as our first Managed Services partner?

PPT Solutions is a premier provider of client-centric, performance-based customer experience, and contact center solutions and one of Talkdesk’s most strategic partners. The company shares Talkdesk’s passion and commitment to deliver unique experiences to clients.

Talkdesk Managed Services partnership with PPT Solutions enables us to connect customers with expert administrators and focus on designing, implementing, and optimizing transformative strategies.

“Outsourcing contact center administrative tasks allows organizations to focus on developing contact center strategy and running the business. Our partnership with PPT Solutions empowers Talkdesk customers with access to the industry’s best experts to help them do just that,” said Tony Barbone, Talkdesk chief revenue officer. “We are helping companies quickly and easily address mundane contact center administrative responsibilities and focus on more strategic customer experience initiatives that increase loyalty and revenue.”

What are the benefits for Talkdesk customers?

The demand for cloud-based solutions boomed with remote working models adopted since the pandemic outbreak. The Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry is thriving and expected to grow around 55% in the next three years. Recent surveys estimated that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

A Managed Services approach helps businesses to:

  • Reduce costs and get a return on investment.
  • Increase efficiency and fill the talent gaps.
  • Boost business growth.

The partnership with PPT Solutions empowers Talkdesk customers to implement customer service best practices and solve their specific skill gaps. PPT Solutions is an experienced, strategic implementation partner that is already familiar with Talkdesk CX Solution and has a deep understanding of the Talkdesk cloud-based CX platform.

A knowledgeable administrator helps contact centers to improve operational efficiency and revenue. Taking responsibility for contact center software-related tasks, such as adding and removing users, creating and modifying live dashboards, and setting up new integrations, the administrator frees team leaders to focus on strategy implementation.

Organizations can also outsource administrative responsibilities to rapidly scale their teams and meet market or seasonal demands more cost-efficiently. This allows organizations to focus on developing contact center strategy and running the business.

Talkdesk Managed Services comprises three packages (Essential, Advanced, and Elite) and an option based on hourly service needs. We take pride in partnering with our customers to develop the right solution and services that most suit their unique use cases and desired future state.

Talkdesk Managed Services supplements our CX Services offerings and further enables us to partner with and guide companies through their most pressing customer experience initiatives.


Mindy Eddy

Mindy Eddy

Mindy is vice president of Professional Services at Talkdesk. She has extensive global experience in both the services and CCaaS industry. In her role as a strategic leader, Mindy serves as an outstanding and empathetic example of the company’s “customer obsessed” corporate value, delivering exceptional and insightful customer experiences across the world.