call conferencing

Call conferencing is a simple new feature that is extremely useful. Call conferencing allows your team to:

  • Add as many guests (e.g. agents, managers and customers) to a call as you would like
  • Add guests while the call is live
  • Add agents, then add a customer for easy collaboration
  • View all of the guests on the call
  • Talk with a new agent before they transfer the customer to them
  • Engage in whisper coaching
  • Listen to the conference call recording
  • Read the conference call transcription

Benefits of Call Conferencing

Talkdesk is much more than a business phone. Our advanced call center software functionality and call conferencing allows agents and teams to:

  • Increase agent performance – agents can conference in a manager to help solve difficult issues or collaborate with a colleague
  • Enhance managerial practices – managers can provide direct, real-time feedback to the agent, with or without the customer knowing
  • Enhance and expedite agent training – when managers provide real-time feedback and guidance, agents will become more proficient, sooner
  • Reduce call transfers – call conferencing allows agents and managers to come to the caller for a more seamless experience
  • Streamline interactions – when callers aren’t transferred, managers join the call, or agents collaborate, the interaction will be more streamlined
  • Decrease the length of calls – when agents don’t have to transfer calls, the length of the call will decrease as callers don’t have to repeat information to the new agent
  • Encourage collaboration – agents who can conference in a colleague will be more likely to solicit help when needed, thus increasing collaboration between agents and teams
  • Improve the customer experience – all of these benefits also enhance the customer experience

How to

Add a guest (manager, agent, customer, phone number) to the call

While on a call, click the “Add Guest” button on the call control sidebar. Next, select the agent, manager, customer or type the phone number that you would like to add to the call and press the “Add” button.

If the guest has a Talkdesk account they will be sent a message stating that they have been requested to join the call. Once they accept the request, they will be live on the call.

If the guest does not have a Talkdesk account, their phone will simply ring and as soon as they answer, they will be live on the call.

Whisper coach

If managers would like to conference in on a call and talk with the agent without the customer knowing, it is simple.

The agent presses “Mute” on the call control sidebar, adds the manager to the call and the manager can talk to the agent without the customer knowing. The manager can press “End call” to leave the call. The agent can also press “Mute” again to un-mute the caller so they can join the conversation.

Add agents, then add a customer

Agents can also call another agent or manager, then add customer to the call. This allows for easy collaboration between departments, agents or teams.

To do this, the agent first calls the other agent they would like to have on the call. Next, the agent selects the customer they would like to add to the call or type in the number they would like to call and press the “Add” button. Once the customer answers, they will be live on the call.