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Give your agents the right tools to succeed in a remote work scenario

By Anya Syulina

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It has been a few months now since the coronavirus (COVID-19) took the world by storm. As social distancing and quarantine measures were put in place by governments across the globe, businesses had to quickly reinvent themselves in order to ensure a successful work-from-home (WFH) shift.

The change was not easy. Many organizations had little-to-no prior experience with remote work, and therefore lacked the infrastructure, processes and policies required to ensure collaboration and continuity of operations. The contact center space was no exception to this situation: only two months ago, a total of 85% of contact centers, employing a total of 15 million employees, were still operating under on-premises infrastructures and customer support professionals were still tied to desktop technology.

Talkdesk® helped a number of organizations successfully manage this transition with a combination of business continuity offers that enabled them to move to the cloud and immediately deploy a work-from-home model. During March alone, usage of Conversations Mobile App™ grew by 150% — a clear indicator that customer service organizations were taking advantage of tools to enable remote work.

Now that agents are operating in the safety of their own homes, concerns have shifted to focus on productivity. Questions arise around whether employees are distracted, burnt out and/or properly equipped with tools.

As there is no official forecast on how or when things will return to “a new normal”, it’s crucial for customer service leaders to ensure their teams have everything they need to be productive, stay motivated and provide great customer support.

Equip your agents with the tools they need to succeed

Talkdesk customers are familiar with the AppConnect™ marketplace where they can browse and instantly try customer experience solutions with a 30-days free trial. Now, in conjunction with best-in-class technology partners, Talkdesk has launched three special offers in AppConnect specifically designed to help contact center leaders adjust to a work-from-home environment by rapidly equipping their employees with solutions to help them stay engaged, work more effectively and ensure consistently high-quality customer experiences.

  1. Jabra: Receive free Jabra headsets with qualifying purchase.
    Jabra provides professional audio and video solutions to connect teams across locations and around the world. Jabra’s professional audio tools include corded and wireless headsets and earbuds and portable speakerphones, helping the remote worker concentrate, collaborate and maintain productivity in the home office. Jabra’s professional range of headsets deliver superior sound and call quality, and help eliminate distracting background noise for a more focused work environment.
    Offer valid through December 31, 2020 
  2. Krisp: 30% discount, plus six months unlimited access to students, teachers, hospitals and government workers.
    Krisp offers a noise-canceling app that removes background noise from both ends of a call. In today’s work-from-home environment, background noise is unpredictable and often unavoidable. Krisp helps ensure higher quality voice interactions with customers so agents sound professional and stay productive.
    Offer valid through September 1, 2020
  3. ProcedureFlow: Three months of free access
    ProcedureFlow is a reimagined contact center knowledge base that makes the most complicated information easy and intuitive to create, maintain and use. It provides every employee with the exact information they need to handle any contact scenario, making employees confident in their abilities from day one.
    Offer valid through July 31, 2020
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Talkdesk® AppConnect™ is a customer experience solutions marketplace that connects you with best-in-class contact center applications, devices and services with one-click installation and 30-day free trials.

Still looking for the right cloud contact center?

As mentioned earlier, Talkdesk announced new offers designed to help companies using on-premises contact center technology maintain business continuity by transitioning to the cloud as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Although many organizations have already taken advantage of these offers, others are still considering the right long-term solution.

In order to continue helping companies make a quick, easy and cost-effective transition to the cloud, Talkdesk has extended its Business Continuity offers until July 1, 2020.

  • Talkdesk Now™ offers the fastest cloud deployment in the industry, helping new customers migrate from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud in as little as 24 hours.
  • Talkdesk Boost™ allows customers to keep their on-premises ACD solution while enjoying all the benefits of our cloud-native solution. Boost is free for the first 90 days and can be up and running in 2 weeks or less.
  • Talkdesk for Travel & Hospitality is designed to provide economic relief for companies in the industries most impacted by the current crisis by offering them Talkdesk CX Cloud™ contact center free for 90 days.

Keeping operations up and running while maintaining safety and health for every single staff member is challenging and stressful. This is why Talkdesk is committed to helping customers move to the cloud at their own pace and working with partners to offer best-in-class solutions to meet their current business needs.

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