call center software

It’s the end of January and your resolve in your New Year’s resolutions is still going strong. You’re exercising daily, boning up on your Spanish language skills and doing your very best to call your mother. While starting new habits can be daunting, it’s changing the old ones that’s a real challenge.

Many New Year’s resolutions are related to giving up crutches. Activities like smoking, drinking and consuming your weight in chocolate pudding every day are no-brainers for change. But what about the subtle stuff, the things that you don’t even realize you’re relying on too heavily?

As a call center manager, you know that your call center is the heart of your company’s customer service strategy. If your call center doesn’t do its job, everyone else is going to be out of theirs. And what (or who) runs your call center? Yes, your agents. But at the core of it all is the call center software itself.

Your current call center software solution is working, but what happens when it doesn’t? How can settings be managed and changed when your business needs something new? Herein lies the rub: The software you’re using now requires handholding.

Look, I like to hold hands just as much as the next girl, but I don’t want to be forced to do it every time I cross the street!

It’s time to get real about breaking the habit of having to reach out to your call center software provider each time you need to make a change. Here’s why:

1. Ain’t nobody got time for that

It takes time to get someone’s help; time you could otherwise be using to serve your customers. When your call center software settings are customizable without external help, you don’t have to waste a single moment seeking assistance.

2. Rooftop yoga

Don’t be a stuffy old fuddy duddy in a suit. Slap on some yoga pants and work on your flexibility. When you free yourself of a cumbersome call center software solution that requires a thousand steps to change one thing, you’ll find that all of a sudden touching your toes doesn’t seem so unreasonable after all. Adapt to changing conditions rather than standing stiffly.

3. Like stealing candy from a baby

A user-friendly call center software solution reduces effort. With one-click customization, changing your call center settings is a breeze, a walk in the park and a cakewalk combined.

4. Be a big fish

Ever heard of indeterminate growth? It’s this crazy phenomenon where certain animals, including most fish, just don’t stop growing. This as opposed to, say, bears, who only get so big and then they stop (thank heavens). Don’t be a bear. Be a fish. Grow and grow and then grow some more. When your call center software settings are customizable, you can grow unencumbered. Don’t get stuck in the fishbowl of rigid call center software. Use a solution that scales with you (pun intended).

5. Who better than you?

The expert on what your call center needs is staring at you in the mirror. The representatives of your call center software solution might be lovely people, but they don’t know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. Cut out the middleman; adjust your settings yourself.

The solution is clear. Your late-January New Year’s resolution is to stop relying on your call center software provider when you need settings changed. Don’t be held back!

It’s a new year; why not make a new strategy?