A couple of months ago, when Talkdesk launched AppConnect, the goal was to allow companies to add new solutions to their call center in the easiest way possible. To make that possible, we made sure that all AppConnect apps had three common features:

  1. Free trials available for all Talkdesk customers to experiment with new tools
  2. One-click install that streamlines the process of adding tools to the call center
  3. Pay-as-you-go billing to allow customers to try solutions without the fear of long-term commitments

When we launched AppConnect, it was a closed beta with around 300 customers to allow us to keep an eye on the Talkdesk community that was using it. As of today, we’re happy to announce that AppConnect is in open beta, available for all Talkdesk customers! All they need to do is go to AppConnect and request access.

Along with this news, we’re also happy to celebrate a couple of new partnerships since our initial announcement in April. These solutions will be available in AppConnect soon. Here’s more information on our new partners and what their tools bring to Talkdesk contact centers:

Ytica for Talkdesk is a reporting and analytics solution that provides out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that help you run your contact center. The reporting is fully customizable, allowing business users to create their own visually rich reports by just dragging and dropping from hundreds of predefined metrics and KPIs. Ytica for Talkdesk gives your customers confidence that they are getting a mature reporting when switching from their legacy platform.

Datatron is the first platform that allows enterprises to easily merge real-time (e.g., Kafka, RabbitMQ, Spark Streaming) and historical data (e.g., Hadoop, Teredata, Netezza) to create immediate business insights. Datatron’s artificial intelligence can give you predictive analysis that’s hidden in your historical/live data so you have the actionable insights necessary to increase ROI. In today’s competitive environment with high consumer expectations, you can make smarter decisions based on the most current data available to improve customer experience, increase revenue and maximize operational efficiencies.

There are always new partners available on AppConnect, keep checking back here to find out more about our newest call center tools.