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Talkdesk supports Cognosante contact center operations for 2,400+ agents

Talkdesk cloud cures on-premises condition for Cognosante to transform the health care system through technology solutions

SAN FRANCISCO – October 22, 2019 – Talkdesk®, Inc., the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, today announced Cognosante selected Talkdesk to power its customer service operations. As a leader in technology solutions for health and social services programs, Cognosante is on a mission to transform the healthcare system by providing technology solutions and business process outsourcing to federal, state and local government health agencies. By moving to Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, Cognosante leverages Talkdesk cloud scalability to meet its fluctuating customer service needs while future-proofing its contact center operations. Talkdesk also met and exceeded Cognosante’s security compliance requirements with the industry’s most comprehensive set of security certifications and standards to ensure all measures are in place to ensure sensitive customer healthcare data is safe.

“Customer support is critical to the integrity of our solutions, but information security and compliance is Cognosante’s most urgent requirement when handling sensitive customer data. Talkdesk addresses our security concerns by allowing us to own and control our call recordings,” said Michael Zurat, director of engagement solutions, Cognosante. “No other solution was able to provide this level of data security on a scalable cloud platform while still meeting our customization and product integration needs.”

Prior to Talkdesk, Cognosante customer service operations utilized several disparate systems through an on-premises platform. As its needs fluctuated drastically throughout the year, Cognosante scaled from 200 agents up to more than 1,000 during peak times. Contact center administrators wrestled with the inflexible nature of its on-premises platform, resulting in lost time and revenue due to agent training and ramp-up. Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center offers easy customization in a scalable cloud solution that is ideal for customer service providers like Cognosante with frequently changing service levels. Talkdesk Studio offers Cognosante the power to design and build customized call flows to meet its specific needs through an easy-to-use interface.

“Flexibility and the power to scale services up and down as business needs change is a core component of Talkdesk and exclusive to our cloud-native architecture,” said Talkdesk chief executive officer, Tiago Paiva. “Talkdesk offers customer service organizations a simple and easy path to customize their contact center using clicks, not code, and instantly bring new agents online, including remote agents in any location, to quickly meet customer expectations.”

With a customer service operation that routinely adds several hundred agents at multiple times throughout the year, maintaining an outstanding customer experience is a top priority for Cognosante. Through seamless integrations of its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system, agents are automatically connected to customer information with comprehensive historical reports in Salesforce allowing them to focus on the customer’s issue rather than finding their records. Cognosante also utilizes Microsoft Dynamics integration through Talkdesk to personalize each interaction for the customer and streamline agent workflow to boost productivity by eliminating manual data entry, resulting in effective and efficient customer experience.

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