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Xenial Serves 30,000 Restaurants More Effectively with Talkdesk and Salesforce

By Liz Pedro

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"The results we’ve seen since introducing Talkdesk have exceeded our expectations. Our customer satisfaction and CSAT scores have gone up tremendously."

Michael Coster, Manager of CRM and Data Analytics, Xenial

If you’ve ever eaten at a fast-food restaurant such as McDonald’s, Burger King or Tim Horton’s you were probably thinking about the food you were ordering and/or eating, and not the technology enabling the restaurant to provide you with great service. The secret ingredient for many leading restaurants is having the right technology in place to do that. Many leverage restaurant technology from Xenial, Inc to improve quality of service, increase customer engagement and ultimately grow revenue. In fact, Xenial technology is used in 30,000 restaurants in 62 countries.

In 2018, Xenial wanted to improve their operations as they realized their existing contact center solutions had many limitations, including not having easy access to call recordings and a homegrown ticketing system they had outgrown. Michael Coster, Manager of CRM and Data Analytics at Xenial, started investigating options with his top objective being he wanted to find a solution that integrated with their Salesforce CRM.

Talkdesk integrates seamlessly with Salesforce via Open CTI and gives agents access to advanced features such as screen pops, single sign-on, outbound caller ID and more. In addition, companies can integrate with Salesforce Omni-Channel to better manage work items across multiple channels, correlate Talkdesk data with Salesforce data to measure contact center performance and dramatically increase agent efficiency by creating custom Talkdesk workflows to initiate Salesforce events throughout the customer service process.

Another important objective for Michael was to find a contact center solution that was mobile. Xenial wanted a contact center that would enable agents to work anywhere, anytime with a cloud-based solution. And he wanted to improve metrics and reporting, which would provide their business the information they needed to make better economic decisions.

In 2018, Xenial implemented Talkdesk as their cloud contact center software for their 300 agents. Since implementing Talkdesk, the benefits have included improved dashboards and reporting due to the Talkdesk and Salesforce integration, the flexibility of being mobile, easy ready access to call recordings, and much more!

We’ve turned a lot of that data that comes through Salesforce into very sophisticated dashboards and reporting, giving a lot more visibility to the whole organization on how we are performing, so they can make staffing decisions and other types of decisions that will help the business overall,” said Michael.

“It’s really a partnership wanting to see both sides be successful. This is by far and above one of the best experiences I’ve ever had dealing with service providers,” shares Michael.

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