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What are we really expecting from AI?

Miguel Caetano

By Miguel Caetano

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What Is AI and How to Transform the Contact Center in 3 Steps

The call center industry is constantly looking for new ways to improve customer experience (CX). While some might take it to extremes and promise artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bots handling every customer interaction efficiently, there is still a long road ahead for AI software to progressively replace traditional contact center operations.

Managing expectations for AI is not easy and requires answers to the following questions: What is AI and what is not? With so many companies claiming to have AI functionality, what must be included for a technology to really be AI? What are realistic expectations for  AI?

Realistic expectations translate to a long wish list, some of which are highlighted below as items that should be top-of-mind for every CX leader willing to walk the AI path of business optimization:

  • Help make better decisions
  • Boost operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Optimize business operations, sales and marketing
  • Capture and apply knowledge where needed
  • Automate tasks for agents, supervisors and customers
  • Improve routing

What Is AI and How to Transform the Contact Center in 3 Steps offers a vision for the transition to a new era and explores:

  • What is (real) artificial intelligence?
  • How AI is transforming the contact center
  • Three steps to infusing AI in the contact center

Download this free ebook to learn more about what AI is, its importance for the contact center and how to harness its power:

5 Steps To Ai Success Leading Contact Centers To A Netflix Like Customer Experience

5 steps to AI success: leading contact centers to a Netflix-like customer experience


Miguel Caetano

Miguel Caetano

Miguel is Product Marketing Manager at Talkdesk. He spent the last 5 years developing products and implementing campaigns in telecom industry. When he is not working you can find Miguel diving or playing tennis.