Amplifying Experience Innovation for Enterprise Contact Centers

By Steve Bell

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Talkdesk Boost for Business Continuity

With the February 28 announcement of the Winter 19 release, Talkdesk continues to extend its leadership in customer experience innovation, building on the ability for contact centers to provide a personalized, context-driven experience in every conversation, no matter the channel or device.

The Winter 19 release delivers new capabilities and enhancements to provide the best experience possible for every stakeholder in the customer journey.

Customer and Agent Experience Capabilities

Improve agent engagement in any channel with Talkdesk Omnichannel, powered by Talkdesk Artificial Intelligence. Now embedded in Callbar®, a seamless, unified user interface makes it easy to assign and combine work from digital channels, driving a more personalized, context-driven experience for customers. Expanded capabilities also include rules-based presence sync, presenting agents with high-priority social media posts (identified by social listening), as well as a synchronized view of SMS, live chat and app messaging interactions.  

Admin Experience Capabilities

Easily personalize customer journeys with Talkdesk Studio, an intelligent routing flow designer, powered by Talkdesk Artificial Intelligence. New features include optimized workflows, multilingual speech-to-text functionality, and powerful, intuitive editing tools for contact center administrators.

Discover How Talkdesk Can Amplify Experience Innovation

Operations/IT Experience Capabilities

Control any device with Callbar®, Talkdesk’s free-floating agent interface. New in the Winter 19 release, universal device support protects current device investments and saves the cost of virtual desktops while offering contact centers the flexibility to choose a SIP or external device.

Protect current telephony investments with Talkdesk xConnect, which provides IT teams the flexibility to connect Talkdesk to an existing PBX and/or carrier. It offers unmatched resiliency and geographic coverage for contact centers that choose to preserve their current contracts.

PBX Interconnect:                 


Carrier Interconnect:

Experience faster authentication and greater security with enhanced SAML 2.0 support. It allows access to Talkdesk using any third-party authentication system that complies with SAML 2.0 standards, supporting a safe, seamless login experience.

Protect sensitive payment information with expanded PCI tools for agent-assisted payments. New functionality ensures that neither Talkdesk nor the agent has access to credit card information, offering greater security and compliance.

Modern contact centers need constant experience innovation to stay ahead, including the flexibility to personalize the customer experience and adapt it over time. The Talkdesk Winter 19 release makes it easy for contact centers to design intelligent customer engagement journeys, meet customers in their channel of choice and support them using any device.


Steve Bell

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