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Talkdesk vs. Five9: Contact Center Software Review

By Taylor Johnson

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When it comes to making a decision about which contact center software to use for your team, the choice often comes down to two different solutions. In situations like that, third-party business review sites can be a great resource for objective head-to-head information.

Recently, G2 Crowd reviewed the contact center software industry, collecting reviews from individual users and synthesizing the results into overall ratings. We’re happy to say that the results show Talkdesk customers love using our product. Overall, Talkdesk received an average 4.4 out of 5-star rating. By comparison, Five9 received an average of only 3.6 stars.

Talkdesk’s average review was higher than Five9’s, but even more impressively, Talkdesk bested Five9 in all eight of the customer satisfaction ratings. Here’s a breakdown of the categories and how real customers rated the two solutions:


The biggest difference between Talkdesk and Five9 was on the question of which contact center software was “heading in the right direction.” With a 24-percent differential here, Talkdesk was the overwhelming winner. We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into where Talkdesk is going (including features like omnichannel and customer sentiment tracking) and we’re happy to see that insight resonating with our users.


When Talkdesk was founded, the company goal was to allow customers to set up a call center in five minutes. Today, the overall focus is still the same: provide admins with an easy-to-use setup process that can be completed without external people or products. We want to empower admins to avoid the hassle of setup and allow their team to get straight to having better conversations with customers. Talkdesk’s deployment is so easy that Talkdesk users rated the solution 15% better than Five9 users on the “ease of setup” question.

Likely to Recommend

The ultimate test of customer satisfaction with contact center software is whether or not they would recommend it to colleagues. In this category, Talkdesk was rated 15% higher than Five9! When we combine that customer feedback with GetApp’s analyst scoring (Talkdesk 61, Five9 41) we’re thrilled to say that we’re offering our customers a superior experience across the board.

Here are some examples of what G2 Crowd’s customer reviews had to say about Talkdesk and Five9:

  • “I found that we had a 15-20% technical failure rate using Five9, making it difficult to use it to measure overall productivity since its failure rate created significant variables.”
  • “We switched from another outsourced company to Talkdesk about a year ago and we’ve seen a huge increase in customer retention and a decrease in customer complaints.”
  • “As a sales person, creating call lists, and then executing them should be easy. Instead Five9 made more of my customers angry than ever helped them.”
  • “The best aspect about Talkdesk is their responsiveness and their product team. They have a great product, and they have made that product exponentially better because of their responsive support team and their accessible product team.”

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