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How to Create Your Call Center in Five Minutes

By Shauna Geraghty

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At Talkdesk, we know that creating a call center can definitely be a challenge. So, when we developed our call center software, we made it our #1 priority to make Talkdesk easy to deploy. So easy in fact, that anyone can configure Talkdesk in under five minutes. How is this possible? It is entirely browser-based call center software so there is no coding, downloads or hardware required. It is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Still don’t believe that it’s possible?

Allow us to turn you into believers with our minute by minute guide for creating your call center in five minutes.

Minute 1: Sign up

Request a free demo from the Talkdesk website. A contact center expert will then help you create your Talkdesk account.

Minute 2: Purchase a phone number

With your complimentary Talkdesk credit, purchase a new phone number for the country and area code of your choice. Pick from over 41 countries!

Minute 3: Add agents to your account

Click the “Add Agents” link to give your team access to Talkdesk. Simply enter their name and email address and they will be sent an invitation.

Minute 4: Configure your settings

Now that your call center has agents, assign each to their appropriate ring group. You can then customize your IVR system with the dropdown menu and text-to-speech prompts.

Minute 5: Integrate your business applications

Although this step doesn’t actually require you to configure anything, this is a great way to spend your last minute. Click on the Integrations tab and see what business tools integrations we have to offer. You can integrate your Salesforce, Zendesk, Live Chat, Shopify (and many others) accounts with one click and configure automated tasks in under a minute. This tab is also where you will find our Email Notifications – a great tool to keep your entire team informed. Once you have a little extra time on your hands, come back to this tab and play away

And there you have it folks! Your very own call center, configured in less than five minutes! Think you are ready to create your call center now?

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Shauna Geraghty

As the first U.S. employee, Shauna helped to scale Talkdesk to over 1,000 employees in 7 offices globally. During her tenure, she has built Talkdesk's Marketing, Talent and HR functions from the ground up. Shauna has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has applied foundational knowledge from the field of psychology to help propel Talkdesk along its hyper-growth trajectory.