SICOM Doubles Footprint with 300 Seats on Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform

By Alison Jarris

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We’re excited to announce that SICOM Systems, Inc., a leading best-of-breed provider of end-to-end technologies and services for quick service and fast casual restaurants, has expanded to 300 seats on Talkdesk’s enterprise contact center platform. By leveraging Talkdesk’s global platform, SICOM is able to provide exceptional customer experiences to 25,000+ customers across more than 62 countries. With Talkdesk, SICOM has been able to scale its customer support operations at speed on Talkdesk’s agile platform while achieving consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

“When we bring new companies into the business, like in our recent acquisition of NEXTEP SYSTEMS, Talkdesk enables new customer support techs to quickly get up to speed and operational on its platform and Salesforce to deliver that same experience across our newly acquired customer bases,” said Mike Zarzeka, SVP of Information Technology and Systems at SICOM. “Talkdesk is so straightforward and easy to pick up on that the training process takes only 15 minutes. That’s a true testament to the simplicity of the solution.”

“We’re excited to help SICOM drive customer experience innovation across their enterprise,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk. “SICOM chose Talkdesk because we provide a cloud-based solution that is flexible and is not tied to any legacy on-premises technology.”

In addition to needing a cloud-based contact center solution, SICOM selected Talkdesk for its data-rich live and real-time reports and dashboards, robust IVR functionality and modern, easy-to-use interface. With Talkdesk’s cloud-native enterprise contact center platform, SICOM has increased its first call resolution rate by 17x.

"We've always had this mindset to partner with companies that shared our same values of thinking into the future."

Mike Zarzeka, SVP of Information Technology and Systems at SICOM

“We’ve always had this mindset to partner with companies that shared our same values of thinking into the future,” said Zazeka. SICOM plans to explore additional support channels to incorporate into its customer experience strategy so agents can interact with customers on their terms and preferred channels.

As part of the current renewal, SICOM will add Talkdesk’s robodialer to their contact center solution to enable proactive communication with customers over voice channels.

“When we want to notify our customers proactively of something that is going to change—such as a new feature or scheduled maintenance—rather than placing burden on our customers to visit or call us directly, we use Talkdesk’s robodialer,” said Zazeka.

Talkdesk customer Xenial

Find out how SICOM increased first call resolution by 17x with Talkdesk


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