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AppConnect Partner Spotlight: CrankWheel

CrankWheel AppConnect

Inside sales professionals are familiar with this situation: Days after your first inquiry, your prospect finally completes the scheduling process and is nailed down for a demo of your product. You have them on the line and hit play on the demo on your screen, ready to blow their minds with your Jordan Belfort-esque pitch… […]

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Calculate How Much Talkdesk for Sales Increases Your Revenue

Talkdesk for Sales

When it comes to evaluating a new sales tool, there’s a simple way to determine a solution’s value: find out how much money it brings in. Sales is about revenue and new sales tools should be chosen based on how much new revenue they add. It’s as easy as that. At Talkdesk, we project revenue […]

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Customer Voice Management: Enabling Heroic Customer Relationships from the First Contact to the Last

Customer Voice Management

This article was originally written by Bill Hoppin, EVP of Sales, Marketing and Alliances at TalkIQ for Opentalk Magazine. Today we have so many ways to communicate with each other: email, text, social, web, chat, instant messaging, etc. Businesses are rapidly adopting these new channels to interact with their customers, but they all have one […]

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Identifying Customer Success Heroes

Identifying Customer Success Heroes Opentalk

This article was originally published in the second issue of Opentalk Magazine. Building a great team comes down to finding the right blend of skills, personalities and emotions in the interview process. Anyone who is taking a job as a contact center agent needs to be organized, friendly and calm under pressure, but the right […]

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5 Videos Contact Center Professionals Must Watch in 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, call centers are busier than ever fielding calls from customers and planning for the new year. To help contact centers make the most of their valuable time and help you avoid digging through all the resources available online, we pulled together a list of five must-see videos to address […]

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