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Optimize Network Variability to Improve Call Quality Up to 900%


By Talkdesk Data Team

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The multitude of customer data available to contact center platforms has executives scratching their heads at how to best leverage that data to drive business decisions. According to Dimension Data, though 58% of organizations agree analytics will help improve the customer journey, 64% still have no data analysis capability that combines data from all channels. It’s no surprise that more executives are turning to data science to understand their businesses and improve against key performance indicators.

In this blog post, Talkdesk’s team of data experts went on a mission to understand why a customer’s call quality had suddenly become extremely variable with no change in the contact center platform’s performance.

Background: With the increase in network variability due to remote workforces and the increase in national and global contact centers, the data team wanted to explore the impact of network improvement on the call quality of our customers. Our definition of a bad quality call includes jitter average value, round-trip time (rtt) average value and packet loss average value.

Approach: Talkdesk is built on Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) foundation and a microservices architecture; providing unmatched availability, call quality and on-demand global scalability. Our global network is designed to minimize latency and support optimal call distribution for crystal-clear conversations. Both uptime and call quality are backed with available SLAs. This analysis allowed the data team to understand the real impact of a network improvement on call quality and predict and inform our customers about possible changes to their systems that affect the quality of their calls. 

Call Quality Analysis: National Medical Clinic

The customer below, a national medical clinic, was experiencing poor call quality, resulting in high agent turnover and customer escalations due to unclear communications. The customer had a clear change point in which their call quality rate improved from nine percent of bad calls to one percent. A closer look at the data showed us that the reason for this change was a network improvement on their side as shown in the graph below.


Upon closer examination we found this change in call quality occurred because the customer changed their entire network infrastructure (see the change point denoted in blue in the graph above), resulting in improved call quality.

Recommendation: When it comes to call quality, your network infrastructure and contact center platform must work hand in hand. By understanding and optimizing network infrastructure you can improve call quality as much as 900%. To ensure stable and reliable call quality, it is essential to continually measure and analyze the health of your contact center platform and report any variability in performance to predict and prevent future call quality issues.

Get the Most Out of Reporting and Analytics for Your Contact Center

So where do you begin creating data insights of your own? The first step is to have a reliable reporting system in place to measure your contact center performance. Below is an advanced reporting solution our customers consider essential to mapping business objectives.

Comprehensive reporting allows you to dig deeper into lifetime trends and performance with advanced reporting that extends beyond scheduled and historical reports. Talkdesk makes it easy for you to uncover where your customers are abandoning the queue, which teams have longer handling time, and which language leads to the highest sales conversions. All dashboards and reports are fully customizable to fit your business. Talkdesk reporting and analytics gathers data points and metrics to show in report form how a contact center is performing. It allows you to benchmark your performance against industry standards and generates actionable insights with the following features:

  • Built-in dashboards and reports focused on key KPIs
    Visualize data, track trends and isolate problem areas with a comprehensive set of carefully designed dashboards, reports and alerts. Schedule daily email reports or export them for your teams. With alerts you will never miss an important change in performance.

  • Drill down and listen to individual calls
    Drill down from reports all the way to individual calls and listen to what your customers had to say. Focus on conversations that require attention and enable you to learn something new. Discover phrases, silences, cross-talks and patterns in 100% of your conversations while ensuring your agents are meeting compliance standards.

  • Explore Customer Sentiment
    Unleash the value of Talkdesk Sentiment metrics to quickly discover customers that need your attention. See customer satisfaction and mood side by side with other KPIs from the day one. Drill down to calls, agents and customers in Talkdesk.

  • Create your own dashboards and reports without coding
    Customize everything without headaches. You can build your own reports and dashboards from the ground up or take inspiration from the built-in content. Simply drag and drop metrics and select the desired style of visualization. All of this without a single line of code.

Uncovering the Power of Reporting and Analytics in Contact Centers

Driving through a tunnel wearing sunglasses inhibits your ability to see what’s up ahead and react. Similarly, running a call center without proper reporting capability makes it more likely that you will incorrectly see what’s coming and run into trouble.



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