5 Keys to a successful Talkdesk implementation

By Gavin Gustafson

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5 Keys to Successful Talkdesk Implementation

In today’s hyper-competitive world, companies need to leverage every square inch of the customer service landscape in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. While price is traditionally the first decision-point for a potential buyer, top-quality customer experience has risen to the top of consumers’ priorities when deciding whom to do business with.

Changing your contact center solution to embrace customer experience may seem like an odyssey filled with pitfalls and obstacles. When David Green joined Cognosante  he embarked on this very journey. For almost 30 years, Cognosante has dedicated itself to transforming the U.S. healthcare system through its leading operations services. The Virginia-based company helps state and federal agencies throughout the country launch and maintain customer service programs. At the heart of the company’s objectives is its dedication to providing clients the highest quality, most e cient customer service operations possible. To achieve this, the company relies on Talkdesk to ensure customer inquiries are handled the moment they are received.

To learn firsthand how David successfully improved their customer experience with Talkdesk’s enterprise Talkdesk’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Janice Rapp, interviewed David on a live webinar to discuss how Cognosante quickly deployed their Talkdesk contact center platform that facilitated HIPAA and FedRAMP compliance for partnerships with government healthcare programs.

To start, “our CTO challenged me and said, ‘We want a cloud-based solution, with industry-leading features, that meets (our) requirements, that we can deliver quickly to our users in four locations across the country for less than we are spending now. And, integrate it with our CRM, while you’re at it,’” said David.

Cognosante was able to fully implement the Enterprise Contact Platform in two days across four separate U.S. contact centers, while leveraging customer call recording storage to maintain control over compliance and security requirements. Results included:

  • Rapid, two-day implementation of Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center
  • Full control of compliance and security requirements through custom call recording storage
  • More personalized conversations and faster first call resolution through CRM integration
  • Increased business agility and scalability through streamlined self-service management
  • Greater transparency, frontline control and agent engagement

When asked how Cognosante was able to achieve  such phenomenal results, David listed several keys to success:

  • “We really worked very closely with the Talkdesk team. Our IT staff and business leaders, from first understanding what the business challenges were, and then working very closely with Talkdesk from a product perspective to address that on the custom call recording.”
  • “We did a pilot, from the onset that we did with a small group of agents – about 20. That helped us really get some of the kinks out of our system. We have a very controlled… locked down internet, that was initially causing a lot of hiccups. Once we got those ironed out it worked really smoothly.”
  • “We didn’t need to involve staff on-site, we were able to support folks remotely and do a lot of self-guided training.”
  • “Deploying the software did not require installing applications and other custom configurations. Because it was all web-based we were able to get everything up and running immediately.”
  • “Having met all those requirements for our securities ahead of time was really what helped us move things very quickly.”

Additionally, Cognosante leveraged Talkdesk’s AppConnect partner TalkIQ to implement voice analytics to better understand, track and improve customer sentiment.

With Talkdesk’s enterprise platform is a cloud-based platform that streamlined the implementation process and Cognosante’s deep understanding of that their government customers needed, the two companies brought the foresight and preparation that enabled  rapid two-day implementation, secure operations and unparalleled customer experience.

To learn more about Cognosante’s success using the Talkdesk platform, including before and after results, click the button below to watch the full webinar.


Gavin Gustafson

Gavin is PR Manager at Talkdesk. Outside of the office, Gavin can be found golfing, skiing, and enjoying Utah's great outdoors.