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Voice over VPN vs. Voice Over Cloud: A Side-by-Side Comparison

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Business continuity is top of mind for contact centers that had to move thousands of agents to work-from-home (WFH) environments. For companies that have already transitioned their contact center technology to the cloud, the transition has been easier. But for the more than 80% of organizations still running legacy on-premises phone systems, the transition is not so simple. Many companies are opting to extend their existing virtual private network (VPN) environments to facilitate 100% at-home call center agents, but this can have devastating effects on voice quality, creating customer service issues that may not become apparent until it’s too late. We stood up a test environment to compare key voice quality KPIs in a VPN vs. direct-to-cloud environment.


Download this white paper now and learn about:


  • Voice over VPN vs. voice over cloud test results and data points
  • Common issues with using VPN to connect to telephony
  • Split tunneling methods that complement your VPN
  • How to route voice traffic effectively in work-from-home scenarios
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