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Customer service automation tools to improve the customer and agent experience

Celia Cerdeira

By Celia Cerdeira

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Contact Center Automation

Imagine a contact center where repetitive tasks are handled effortlessly, efficiency is the norm, and productivity is at an all-time high. This isn’t some futuristic utopia. It could be your contact center—thanks to automation. AI-powered technology empowers contact centers like yours to transform both the customer experience and the agent experience.

Generative AI systems can, for example, allow virtual agents to engage in a human-like conversation and resolve simple queries autonomously and empower human agents with real-time insights and personalized recommendations to provide support tailored for each customer.

Effective customer service automation tools.

Customer service automation tools use AI to improve customer service and resolve issues quickly and accurately—with or without the help of a human agent. Here are some effective customer service automation tools that will help streamline operations, improve agent efficiency, and ultimately save costs.

Automatic summary.

The magic of automation extends to after-call work, automatically summarizing the key points and selecting the appropriate customer disposition. Automatic summary frees agents to focus on what matters most— providing excellent customer service— and ensuring that all relevant data is captured automatically. Automatic summary highlights key points from the interaction, making it easier for your agents to review comments from previous interactions and quickly engage with the customer.

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Virtual agents.

Also known as chatbots, virtual agents allow customers to resolve issues at their convenience. This improves customer satisfaction (CSAT), as simple issues can be resolved in a self-service model, and more complex issues can be escalated to a human agent.

Automated agent guidance.

Even the best agents need help sometimes. Automated agent assistance helps agents resolve issues correctly and quickly by proactively delivering contextual recommendations, next-best actions, and automated assistance to achieve exceptional customer experience. The Talkdesk agent assistance tool uses generative AI to empower agents with a personalized assistant that listens, learns, and provides intelligent recommendations in every conversation.

Customer authentication with voice biometrics.

Automation enhances the authentication process in customer service, reducing the time spent on verifying customer details and allowing more time to address their concerns. Streamlined authentication tools, like Talkdesk Identity™, allow businesses to improve security measures and effectively protect customer data.

Automated IVR system.

Upgrading your IVR system can automate context-driven data flows and ensure callers are directed to the right agent, improving both customer and agent experience. With AI, modern IVR systems can understand customer queries better and route them to the appropriate agent faster, resulting in reduced wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

AI-powered knowledge base.

A well-structured knowledge base allows customers to find answers to their queries without engaging with a human agent. This self-service model reduces the load on your customer service team and enhances customer satisfaction, providing instant solutions. The knowledge base should be easy to navigate, regularly updated, and cover various topics that cater to the most common customer queries. Businesses can streamline their customer service process and improve overall efficiency by implementing a robust knowledge base.

The need for automation in customer service.

Automation in customer service has become a necessity rather than a luxury, allowing businesses to provide efficient, accurate, and personalized support to their customers.

Evolving customer expectations.

Today’s customers demand instant, personalized responses to their queries regardless of time or location. They value efficiency and accuracy and expect seamless interactions across various channels and no longer tolerate long wait times and having to repeat the same information multiple times. AI-powered automation tools can provide quick and accurate responses, offer personalized recommendations based on past interactions, and ensure a seamless experience across multiple channels to meet customer expectations.

Challenges faced by customer service agents.

Customer service agents often grapple with high volumes of repetitive queries that consume much of their time, not enabling them to focus on complex issues that require expertise and empathy. Additionally, the pressure to provide quick and accurate responses can lead to stress and burnout. Automation can mitigate these challenges by handling mundane tasks, freeing up agents to focus on critical issues. With features like automatic summary and contextual recommendations, agents can resolve issues faster and deliver superior customer service.

How customer service automation can improve agent efficiency and satisfaction.

Customer service automation is not just about enhancing customer experience, it’s also a game-changer in agent efficiency. Automating routine questions and administrative tasks makes their roles more engaging and less tedious. 

AI and machine learning are further accelerating this automation drive. These technologies are redefining the contact center landscape, making automation an integral part of it.

Talkdesk is at the forefront of this AI-powered revolution, offering innovative solutions tailored to modern contact center needs. Learn more about how our AI-powered solutions are shaping the future of customer service.

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Generative AI for the contact center

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What is customer service automation?

Customer service automation uses automation technology to improve customer service and agent productivity.

Customer service automation often includes behind-the-scenes actions—such as automatically generating post-interaction notes or providing the next best action to agents during live interactions—but can also be customer-facing, such as a self-service chatbot that helps customers answer FAQs.

What is an example of customer service automation?

One example of customer service automation is the use of generative AI to create summaries after an interaction ends. Tools such as automatic summary use generative AI to summarize an interaction, making it available front and center for the next agent, if necessary. This automation also reduces after-interaction work for agents, so they can move on to their next interaction faster and reduce waiting times.

How does customer service automation contribute to saving time?

Customer service automation saves time by handling repetitive tasks for agents. With AI-powered tools, businesses can automatically respond to common customer queries, route calls to the appropriate agents, or even summarize key interaction points. This reduces the response and resolution time and frees agents to focus on more complex issues.

How can automated customer service simplify the customer experience?

Automated customer service simplifies the customer experience by providing instant, accurate responses to customer queries. It enables self-service through a robust knowledge base, allowing customers to find solutions to their problems without waiting for an agent. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots can handle simple queries and transactions, reducing wait times and making interactions smoother and more efficient.


Celia Cerdeira

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