PCI Payment

Securely manage credit card transactions in a PCI-compliant environment

Reduce Risk and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provide a secure and compliant means of processing sensitive credit card data.

Improve Security and Compliance

Callers input their credit card information via keypad and the system intercepts tones and numbers entered, only showing asterisks on the agent screen. No caller credit card data is sent to or stored in the contact center environment.

Ensure Seamless Conversations

Because callers are not required to recite their credit card information to make a transaction, agents can continue to provide the caller assistance even while credit card information is being entered through the keypad. This way, the conversation can go on uninterrupted.

Increase Caller Satisfaction

Offer callers peace of mind by providing a simple, secure way to facilitate credit card transactions. PCI Payment integrates with all major payment providers, offering callers multiple options when looking to process the payment of their choosing.

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