Intelligent Reconnect

When a customer reaches out following a dropped call, automatically reconnect them with the agent who fielded their original call.

If a caller is disconnected while speaking with an agent and calls back within five minutes, Intelligent Reconnect can automatically route the customer back to the agent who picked up the initial call. If that agent is no longer available, the caller will get placed at the front of the queue to minimize wait time. Intelligent Reconnect is a Talkdesk-exclusive feature perfect for call centers looking for an innovative way to improve the caller experience.

Maintain Seamless Conversations

A dropped phone call often results in customers having to speak with a new agent when they dial back in. Callers then must repeat their initial inquiry, which can lead to frustration and an ineffective use of time. With Intelligent Reconnect, callers and agents can simply pick up the conversation right where they left off.

Minimize Wait Time

In the event that the initial agent is not available to take a customer’s call, Intelligent Reconnect will place the customer at the front of the call queue. This minimizes frustration and wait time, improving the overall caller experience.

Give Callers a Choice

When disconnected callers dial back in, Intelligent Reconnect will ask them whether or not they would like to be reconnected with the previous agent. If they opt out, they will be routed to the main IVR menu and the call will be treated as a newly received call. Providing the option of being sent back to the main menu allows callers to enter a new call queue or reach a different agent.

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