Desktop Notifications

Receive a notification when your phone rings so that you can accept the call even if you are working on a task outside of the Talkdesk interface.

Talkdesk’s desktop notifications feature sends you a popup message each time a call comes in to your call center. These notifications occur outside of the browser window, so they are able to function whether or not Talkdesk is currently open. You can choose to minimize your browser, work within another tab or work within Talkdesk and you will still receive the desktop notification. This feature allows you to be productive in all areas of your business, without fear of missing a call in Talkdesk.

Audio and Visual Notifications

When desktop notifications are activated, you will receive both an audio and visual indication that a call is coming in. This allows you to prioritize other activities without the expense of accidentally missing a call.

Easily Screen Calls

Once you receive a desktop notification, simply click on it and Talkdesk will automatically open. You can then view more detailed caller information to inform your decision of whether or not to accept the call. This makes it easy to screen calls without actively having to keep Talkdesk open.

Increase Productivity

This call center software feature allows you to perform the following tasks and still be alerted that a call is coming in: interact with customers using other business tools, finish after call work in back office systems, send emails from a different browser tab and/or work within another browser window. Remain productive in other areas of your business while still ensuring that you are available to your callers with desktop notifications.

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