Business Hours

Easily configure business hours and associated call routing features to suit your evolving business needs.

Receive calls when you want, where you want and how you want with custom business hours. The Talkdesk interface enables you to set unique business hours for each of your phone numbers or to use the same hours for your entire team. Business hours can be initially configured in seconds and adjusted at any time to fit your evolving business needs. This is the perfect call center software feature for teams that require an interface as flexible as they are.

Custom Business Hours

Configure unique business hours for each phone number or keep the same hours for your entire company. Talkdesk’s flexible interface allows you to field calls whenever is most convenient for you.

Holiday Hours

Configure holiday hours and a special holiday greeting for days when you plan to change your call center’s normal business hours. Holiday hours allow you to easily adjust operation hours for special occasions without the hassle of altering your normally configured business hours each time.

Business Hours-Dependent Call Routing

Use Talkdesk to route calls that come in outside of business hours to your cell phone, virtual call center, remote on-call agents, voicemail or an automated message. This call center software feature will help guarantee that all of your callers receive the assistance that they are seeking.

Business Hours-Dependent Greetings

Record and set unique greetings to play during and outside of business hours. This will enhance your customer experience and ensure that callers are given appropriate information about when they can expect to hear back from your company.

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