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Tuft & Needle Disrupts the Mattress Industry with Exceptional Customer Experience

By Liz Pedro

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"Talkdesk helps us deliver better customer experience because of the tools that are within Talkdesk, and the great reporting allows us to understand exactly where we need to target and improve our customer experience."

Aaron Bata, Head of Customer Service, Tuft & Needle

Traditional mattress shopping can be painful. You are trying to buy the perfect mattress that you will be spending one-third of your day on, but you have to deal with an aggressive sales rep who is trying to hit his/her quota, the many options that are available and pricing, which is typically quite high. In 2012, one mattress company decided to change these perceptions and disrupt the mattress industry. Tuft & Needle’s mission is to provide high-quality mattresses at an affordable price while giving customers an amazing customer experience that they rarely receive at traditional stores.

Priding itself as a “digitally-native” company, Tuft & Needle’s operations have and continue to be facilitated primarily online. Their top priority is to provide great experiences to the modern customer. “We think of customer service at the core of everything we do,” explains Aaron Bata, Head of Customer Experience, Tuft and Needle.

“Historically, the mattress shopping experience has been a pretty bad experience for customers. So we want to make sure that we are giving every customer an interaction with lots of empathy so we can really find their voice,” says Bata.

“Our number goal is to make sure every customer is receiving an amazing experience,” says Bata. With this, Tuft & Needle knew they needed a new contact center solution that supported this vision of providing the next generation of support and could scale with their fast-growing team. “The customer-centricity that Talkdesk has really aligns with Tuft & Needle and that’s why we chose Talkdesk,” says Bata.

Tuft & Needle implemented Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center in 2014. Tuft & Needle has used live and real-time reports to improve agent performance and increase service level by over 10% while leveraging Talkdesk for Help Scout to provide omnichannel support to customers.

“We have been really happy with the service we have gotten from Talkdesk. We have also been really happy with all the additional services like AppConnect that we have been able to receive through Talkdesk. It has really let us expand our customer experience and do more for our customers,” concludes Bata.

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