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TaskRabbit Scales Internationally With Help From Talkdesk

By Liz Pedro

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"I would recommend Talkdesk due to their flexibility as well as their support. They’ve been great in managing and growing with us as well as just the flexibility of dealing with issues as they come up."

Duke Whitman, Director of Customer Support

I’m in the middle of moving right now. It’s the 18th move I’ve made in my life. Moving in itself is stressful and a lot of work, but one of my biggest challenges is when I need help with repairs and tasks and I don’t know the best people to call for help.

Luckily there is TaskRabbit, a company that connects people who want to get things done and people who want to help people get things done. TaskRabbit, founded in 2008, allows consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.  

TaskRabbit has been wildly successful and encountered a lot of growth in the past ten years. They have contact centers in San Francisco, Austin, New York and London, and they plan to grow even more over the next few years.

In 2016, they were looking for a partner that could help them expand and meet the needs of their customers. “As we think about our continued growth both domestically and internationally, we need partners that can scale with us,” explained Duke Whitman, Director of Customer Support. “The most important thing we wanted was value alignment.”  

TaskRabbit chose Talkdesk because their values were aligned, and because Talkdesk is a flexible solution that could help them scale internationally. “Talkdesk allows us to be more dynamic. So when things change, we are able to adjust our IVR literally at the minute-by-minute level if need be. I can make a change today that will impact millions of customers in a matter of seconds,” explains Duke. “The features and functionalities that we’ve liked best in Talkdesk are the ability to adjust the IVR on the fly to be able to update customers who are calling in with real-time information.”

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Another differentiator for Whitman is the positive experience he has had with the Talkdesk team. “My experience with Talkdesk has been phenomenal,” concludes Whitman. “When I’ve had issues and have called in, they’ve been receptive, and quick in helping me resolve issues.”

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Liz Pedro

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