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Talkdesk Digital Showdown 2022: Discover the most innovative solutions in CCaaS

Katie Rubak

By Katie Rubak

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Webinar Digital Showdown

Join us to see the innovations from our Talkdesk AppConnect partners and choose a winner!

Talkdesk Digital Showdown is back! We are so excited to host this event that exhibits extraordinary and inspirational innovations in the customer experience (CX) space from our partner community. In addition to the technical innovations, the event showcases many Talkdesk values—courageous innovation, customer-obsessed, and community and environmental giving from across the Talkdesk partner ecosystem.

Our partners will share state-of-the-art solutions that integrate with the Talkesk CX Cloud™ customer experience platform, extending functionality to drive powerful results. Six partners will demo their innovative solutions for the following categories:

  • Optimizing workforce performance.
  • Elevating customer interactions.

CX is undeniably the most important factor to drive brand loyalty, but with so many choices and technology to choose from, it’s hard to know which one to pick and whether it meets the needs of the business or works well with other systems. That’s one of the many reasons why we host Talkdesk Digital Showdown. The live demos are a great way to see the potential use cases of our AppConnect partners and their integration with the Talkdesk contact center platform.

We’re also thrilled to welcome our guest co-host, Amanda Nelson, a champion of app marketplaces from one of the biggest on the planet – the Salesforce AppExchange, which recently surpassed 10 million installs! Amanda is the Senior Director of AppExchange Communications & Community at Salesforce; helping Trailblazers with their digital transformation by finding the right apps and experts.. Amanda also leads the wildly-popular AppExchange Demo Jam series, so she’s an expert at illuminating ground-breaking technology under the pressure of a buzzer! The Salesforce AppExchange houses thousands of partner solutions, and as a longtime partner with multiple listings on the AppExchange, we know first-hand the magic of Amanda and her team, and we can’t wait to have her join us.

Digital Showdown’s live audience will vote to decide which innovative CX solution receives $10,000 to their charity of choice. From the 3-minute demos, audience members will vote for a finalist from each category, where they will then go on to a 30-second ‘pitch for your life’ moment. Audience members will then vote on the finalists  to decide the grand prize winner and who has the most innovative solution in customer experience. No charity leaves empty-handed, though, as the runner-up will receive $5,000 and all other competitors $1,000 to donate to their selected charity.

Our audience will be the decision-makers of the results, so don’t miss out on watching the pitches, casting your vote, and supporting a charitable organization.

Talkdesk Digital Showdown: Innovations In Cx Spring


Talkdesk Digital Showdown: Innovations in CX

Walking down Talkdesk Digital Showdown memory lane.

As Digital Showdown: Innovations in CX returns for the fourth time, it’s gratifying to look back at our last three events and their success. We are very proud to showcase the innovations from  Talkdesk AppConnect partners and show how the seamless integrations of these solutions work with Talkdesk CX Cloud.

The first edition of Digital Showdown kicked off with three categories: cost and operational efficiency, remote contact center management, and remote security. Nine partners from AppConnect had three minutes to show—and convince—voters that they had the best solution in each of the categories—and somehow, we still fit the event into an hour!

The second edition reduced categories to two and featured partners to six, but the competition was still fierce! Replicant, a next-generation voice AI company, was ultimately awarded the grand prize. Facing fierce competition, including an adorable muppet-like puppet, Replicant risked it all with a live demonstration of its conversational AI technology. Replicant showed how their voice solution changes the way contact centers work and how machines can fully resolve repetitive, high-volume calls in a personalized way. Using an example we can all relate to—calling for roadside assistance—the real-time demo featured a call to the customer service center about a flat tire and interacting with Replicant’s Thinking Machine, a system that can understand and resolve CX issues over the phone.

Download a recording of the event to see demos by Replicant and the other competitors, Muppet-like puppet included!

The third edition crowned our partner Arkit as the winner. They took us through their slick, low code tool that allows companies to automate and digitize customer experiences. In a three-minute demo, they showed us how an auto insurance customer fills out a claim using a self-service interface. Using a mobile app to receive a link, customers can enter insurance information, such as name and policy, where the accident occurred, the suffered damage, and other essential claim information. In a couple of minutes—and just a few steps—the customer filed a claim without ever needing to dial the phone.

Want to see all the CX innovations featured in the third edition of Talkdesk Digital Showdown? Download the recording.

Digital Showdown 2022: Categories.

Innovation is in our DNA and drives Digital Showdown; we constantly push ourselves and our partners to be one step ahead. This year, we’re featuring partners from two key CX categories:

Optimizing workforce performance. 

Customer expectations for quality of service and customer satisfaction change every day. How can companies meet these needs without increasing operational costs? Hiring more staff would increase costs, so the solution is to provide a better service using the existing resources.

Plus, the hybrid workforce is here to stay. How do companies maintain productivity levels in this new working environment? By working smarter. The partners for this category will show how to improve and optimize the way of working to ensure that we all work smarter, not harder!

Elevating customer interactions.

Agents play a very important role in successfully engaging customers with the business. Every interaction is an opportunity to delight customers and win their loyalty, but agents must have the knowledge and tools to do so. How can companies help turn everyday customer interactions into elevated experiences? The partners in this category will show how companies can empower agents with the right tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences, regardless of the complexity of the customer’s issue.

Don’t miss the opportunity to register for Talkdesk Digital Showdown 2022 and see how AppConnect partners easily integrate with Talkdesk CX Cloud to help you achieve your business goals.

Save your seat, join the party, meet our AppConnect partners, and learn more about their innovative solutions!


Katie Rubak

Katie Rubak

Katie Rubak is Director of Partner Marketing at Talkdesk, overseeing marketing through, to, and with Talkdesk Strategic Alliance and AppConnect Marketplace partners. A charismatic marketing leader, Katie serves as a bridge between partners, customers, sales, customer success, and marketing to foster valuable relationships and create value for Talkdesk.