2 steps to overcome data silos and supercharge outbound engagement

Summer Ramsey

By Summer Ramsey

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Learn how to take advantage of Talkdesk for Salesforce to accelerate the sales cycle and succeed at scale.

Outbound campaigns are a great way to proactively reach and engage with your prospects and customers. But when your representatives have to navigate through several systems, it can be difficult to consistently maintain customer data.

Plus, when representatives have to bounce between applications, they are less productive, and contact center performance takes a hit.

Representatives’ primary focus should be winning new customers, not data entry. If your contact center is running outbound campaigns and customer relationship management (CRM) in different tools, you can end up with data silos that slow you down.

Housing customer data in multiple systems often leads to frustration on the part of the customer and the representatives trying to support them, ultimately damaging outbound campaign performance.

That’s why most campaign managers are looking for contact center solutions that seamlessly integrate with their CRM systems. Integrated tools relieve representatives of repetitive work and supercharge your outbound campaigns.

In two simple steps, you can maximize the performance of your outbound campaigns, engage employees, and delight customers.

Step 1: automate steps to accelerate the sales cycle.

Going back and forth between systems distracts representatives from their primary goals—engaging customers or prospects and closing deals—and can hurt the customer experience.

For outbound campaigns to reach their potential, you should automate as many steps as possible to allow representatives to create rich, personalized interactions.

For example, fuel your outbound campaign by adding automated dialling features to your contact center solution. A powerful dialer and simple click-to-call capabilities can streamline outbound efforts and drive more effective interactions.

Go one step further and automatically trigger CRM Lightning Flows that relieve representatives of post-call work and let them focus on the next conversation.

Step 2: get a unified, comprehensive view of your customer.

If sales opportunities are slipping through the cracks, it might be a sign that critical steps on the customer journey are being missed. Your team should have a 360-degree view of customer interactions to understand if your outbound initiatives are achieving business goals.

By having all your customer data available in one place, representatives can have more meaningful conversations while gathering insights that allow you to actively refine your campaigns.

To deliver a holistic view of your contact center performance with real-time data, you should:

  • Ensure alignment with a single dashboard that illuminates shared metrics for marketing, sales and service teams.
  • Fine-tune your campaigns according to your team’s performance and emerging trends.
  • Share campaign KPIs to engage cross-functional teams transparently.
  • Leverage more than 20 pre-built reports and customize your own unique views as needed.
  • Surface relevant customer interaction data across channels—messaging, voice, chat, social, or email.

Integrating Talkdesk with Salesforce.

To help organizations overcome the challenges of outbound campaigns, we partnered with Salesforce to integrate Talkdesk CX Cloud™ with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Talkdesk for Salesforce is the industry’s deepest integration and gives you everything you need to convert a prospect into a happy customer.

With a powerful dialer, intelligent automations, and fully embedded reporting, you can easily run outbound campaigns and effectively engage prospects allowing your sales teams to close more business faster.

Talkdesk for Salesforce helps you engage customers in a personalized way on their channel of choice while delivering a bird’s-eye view of contact center, campaign, and customer outreach efforts.

Unified reporting with pre-built and customizable dashboards drive efficiencies that help you succeed at scale. And Talkdesk Outbound Dialer is embedded in Salesforce, so you can simply set a list of contacts and start calling.

Want to learn more about Talkdesk for Salesforce? Watch the webinar Delivering Exceptional CX with Talkdesk for Salesforce.

Delivering Exceptional CX with Talkdesk for Salesforce

Delivering exceptional CX with Talkdesk for Salesforce


Summer Ramsey

Summer Ramsey

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