It’s more than customer appreciation

By Chad Gaydos

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Three years ago, I had planned a vacation with my entire family, our first-ever trip to Europe. It was a different time, I know. As a Delta frequent flyer, I’ve flown over 2 million miles. I’m a proud medallion member. The morning of the trip, I got the call that our flight was canceled.

What a nightmare! Seven family members stuck and sad after all that planning, scheduling — and spending — for the trip of a lifetime. But a determined Delta customer service agent turned a very bad day into a good one. 

After so many years in the customer service industry, I know better than most that the job of an airline customer service agent is not easy. Getting where you need to go can be stressful — even if it is for vacation — so these kinds of calls are high-pressure situations. 

The Delta agent understood the personal dynamics at play, that my family was relying on me — and her. She took the time to understand the context beyond just a canceled flight and was fearless and determined to find and book a new route. It took her hours to put together the new itinerary.  And so, although the trip wasn’t as smooth as I anticipated, I was very impressed and grateful.  

If we break it down, I think the successful elements of the customer service response were: 

  • Understanding the situation in context
  • Determining the facts
  • Demonstrating empathy and patience 
  • Offering options 
  • Staying with the customer through the journey

This is what customer service is to me. It’s about how you make customers feel when they have you on the line, whether that’s on the phone, via text, chat or otherwise. It’s about more than just customer appreciation, it’s about being the one your customers can rely on. It’s about pushing through until you find that solution. 

Your customers probably won’t remember the details, but they will remember how you made them feel. 

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Chad Gaydos

Chad Gaydos is chief operating officer at Talkdesk. Chad has over 20 years of software experience, most recently in key customer-facing executive roles at Skillsoft as CRO/COO and SAP’s COO of Regulated Industries. He has served customers globally in both the private and public sectors across 15 different industries and has deep experience in sales, consulting, solution engineering, customer success, support and operations. He received his BBA in Finance from Kennesaw State University.