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Hire top-class talent with Talkdesk CXTalent and develop staff with Talkdesk Academy

By João Safara

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The customer service industry across the globe has experienced challenging impacts from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Organizations are facing an unprecedented slowing of business activity, while others are struggling to find the appropriate methods and tools to enable a remote workforce. For some support centers,  facing an increase in customer issues is an unanticipated threat they were not prepared for.

In response to the situation, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of two new platforms:

  • Talkdesk® CXTalent™ is the gig-economy for contact center talent. Bringing CX employers and skilled job seekers together to help people hire and get hired — right now. The platform helps companies in need of customer service staff to find the best fit for the role and alleviate the additional inbound support pressure.
  • Talkdesk Academy™ enables job seekers to develop essential skills through progressive levels of coursework and certifications.

“With the world rapidly changing, Talkdesk is showing their innovation at a perfect time by releasing CXTalent. We’re hoping this will help us weather the ups and downs during COVID-19 and open us up to taking new types of clients that we couldn’t take on before because our region lacked the experience. Knowing that they will already have passed standardized training with Talkdesk Academy will help Pac Biz move even faster to help support businesses,” said Eric Mulvin, chief executive officer, Pac Biz.

Two offers, one goal

Companies and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partners can join the Talkdesk CXTalent network to gain access to a large talent pool of qualified candidates to meet new business needs for customer service. This marketplace is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) through Talkdesk Artificial Intelligence, which groups and pairs potential candidates with open roles based on experience, skills, certifications and more. Contact centers in urgent need of staff can find professionals ranging from agents to advanced administration job levels.

Customer support professionals, from entry-level to expert admin, can join Talkdesk CXTalent to find a new, remote customer experience role with one of these great companies. Job seekers can choose their own hours, pay range, role types and use this platform as a full-time career finder or to pick up additional income on the side.

“The combination of Talkdesk Academy and Talkdesk CXTalent offers a single solution for a complicated problem: the rapid rise of unemployment which is contributing to a rapid rise in customer service needs without a deep enough talent pool to meet this need,” said Dr. Shauna Geraghty, senior vice president, head of people and operations, Talkdesk.

Available talent can obtain training and certification via Talkdesk Academy to improve their skill sets and increase their potential of finding the right match with a hiring company. The training platform offers four cost-free progressive levels of coursework. Additionally, its AI-infused capabilities recommend an extra number of courses so trainees can boost their qualifications according to progress and skills. All graduates receive badges and credentials to attest to their achievements and increase their value to employers.

“Recent shifts in the marketplace have shown how remote work can be equally successful. I believe the CXTalent platform has arrived at the right time and will allow for companies to up their CX game by harnessing the power of this open talent marketplace. We are really excited to partner with Talkdesk on this initiative,” said Tabish Khan, vice president for sales and operations, Regalix.

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