Dog Days of the Contact Center: 100% SLA – Caramel Advises You on How to Never Be Down

By Caramel

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This is Caramel, and I am here to end your contact center dog days. I am back for my fourth and last post. Today, I will be advising you on how to never be down. As I saw, listened and wrote so many things about the contact center, I now can understand and use all the correct contact center terms.

I hear the acronym SLA all the time here at Talkdesk. In my opinion, it is really important for contact centers to maintain a certain percentage of uptime and here at Talkdesk, we guarantee a 100% SLA for all of our customers. 

Outages can happen frequently across contact centers, but there are ways to lower your chances of having one in the first place. Check out the steps below and you will be well on your way to creating an effective contact center that is always up and running. 

  • Make a disaster recovery plan. If an outage does occur, be prepared ahead of time with a plan for what you’ll do and what you’ll communicate to your customers.

  • Send the humans home. A remote workforce keeps your contact center up and running (like a dog in the park on a sunny day) in the event that an outage that happens in your actual office location.

Talkdesk offers customers a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement

  • Create alerts that immediately notify your IT or support teams in the event of an outage. Communication is key. The faster you address your problems, the less likelihood there is of you experiencing downtime.  

  • Use a backup internet provider. If your outage is because of lost internet access, make sure to have a second provider or an alternative solution so you can lower the chances of having a dog day. 

  • Use stable and reliable technology. For example, Talkdesk promises the industry’s first and only 100% uptime SLA. You have my word.

It was a pleasure to share some of my knowledge with you, humans. Thank you for reading and until next time! Woof!



Caramel is the Head Pup at Talkdesk. She lives in San Francisco and enjoys exploring the many neighborhoods of the city and saying hello to her fellow dog friends. When she isn’t exploring, Caramel enjoys napping and getting pets from her owners.