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Benefits of Using Call Barging in the Call Center

By Shauna Geraghty

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Some would say that call center managers are only as good as the tools they use. Leverage the most effective tools and your team will see you as an all-star. Utilize out-of-date call center software without the right features and you’ll strike out before you even get up to bat. If there is any truth to this, call barging is one of those tools that will have you batting 1000.

Call barging is a call center software feature that allows a call center manager to listen in on live calls without the caller or call center agent knowing (known as silent call monitoring) and then barge into the call to speak with both the agent and the caller (known as call barging). This simple tool can work wonders for managers seeking to hit it out of the park for their team

Below are the benefits of using call barging in the call center. It is a helpful guide for managers who would like to leverage call center software with call barging capabilities in an effort to lead their team to victory.

Call barging is helpful:

For training new call center agents

Effective training doesn’t stop when the agents leave the training room. Excellent call center managers should also listen in on live calls to ensure that agents are interacting with customers effectively. If they need a little help, managers should drop in on the live call to speak with the customer and the agent. This will ensure that green call center agents get the support they need exactly when they need it.

For helping out your team after a new product launch

New call center agents aren’t the only team members that require help on the call from time to time. After a new product launch, promotional event or known issue is discovered, call center managers should monitor the live calls of their entire team. If a caller has a question that the agent isn’t able to answer you can drop in on the live call to help the agent out. This will ensure that your entire team is communicating a consistent message and that caller’s needs are met — especially during critical times like promotional periods and after a new product launch.

To ensure VIP callers get the service they deserve

Managers who utilize call monitoring and barging should always listen to live calls from VIP customers for quality assurance. If the agent seems to be struggling, or if the customer is not receiving the service they deserve, you should drop in on the call and speak with the customer. Doing so will go a long way to ensuring that your top customers remain loyal.

To reduce escalated calls to management

No caller likes to be transferred over and over – especially an angry caller. Reduce the number of calls escalated to management by leveraging call barging instead. If an agent is struggling or the caller asks to speak with a manager, the agent can alert the manager and have them drop in on the live call. This will expedite the resolution of the issue as the agent can debrief the manager with the customer on the phone. If the customer would like to add anything that the agent left out, they can do so with all parties on the line. Using this plan of attack call will significantly reduce the number of calls escalated to management. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

For engaging in effective quality assurance practices

One of the most difficult scenarios for a call center manager is to listen to a random live call for quality assurance purposes and realize that the agent is struggling but not have the capabilities to jump into the call to help them out. End this common frustrating scenario by leveraging call center software that allows you to jump into live calls and help out an agent. Listening to a struggling agent with your hands tied will be a thing of the past.

To effectively manage a remote call center agent workforce

Training and managing a remote team of call center agents can be difficult — if not impossible — without the right call center software. Leveraging call center software with call monitoring and call barging will make this simple. You can easily listen to live calls — no matter where your agents are working — and drop in on the calls when they need some extra help. This tool will make sure you have the capabilities to keep your entire team on track – no matter how dispersed they are.

Don’t be constrained by less-than-optimal call center software that lacks the features necessary to manage your team of agents successfully. If you do, you’ll be that guy who no one wants on their team. Instead, make sure your call center software has call monitoring and call barging and bask in the glory when you lead your team to victory!


Shauna Geraghty

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