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AppConnect Partner Spotlight: Ytica

Sharon Tran

By Sharon Tran

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When AppConnect launched in April, we had a vision to put the needs of our customers first. By eliminating all legacy processes and complicated integrations, Talkdesk developed three requirements for AppConnect solutions:

  1. Free trials available for all Talkdesk customers to experiment with new tools
  2. One-click installation that streamlines the process of adding tools to the call center
  3. Pay-as-you-go billing to allow customers to try solutions without the fear of long-term commitments

We couldn’t have done this without our partners, which is why we’re excited to announce our new AppConnect Partner Spotlight series. Each month, we’ll be featuring an AppConnect partner that not only has the three features mentioned above, but have gone above and beyond to help our customers achieve the next level of excellence.

This month, our featured partner is Ytica!

Ytica for Talkdesk is a reporting and analytics solution that provides out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that help you make data-driven decisions in your contact center. The reporting is fully customizable, allowing business users to create their own visually rich dashboards and reports by dragging and dropping from hundreds of predefined metrics and KPIs.

Ytica has four main features that give customers a best-in-class contact center analytics experience:

Built-in dashboards and reports focused on key KPIs

Visualize data, track trends and isolate problem areas with a comprehensive set of carefully designed dashboards, reports and alerts. Schedule daily email reports or export them for your teams. With adjustable alerts, you will never miss an important change in performance.

Drill down and listen to individual calls

All reports offer the ability to drill down to individual calls and listen to what your customers had to say. Focus on conversations that require attention and enable you to learn something new. Discover phrases, silences, cross-talks and patterns in 100% of your conversations.

Explore the Sentiment

Unleash the value of Talkdesk Sentiment metrics to quickly discover customers who need your attention. See customer satisfaction and mood side-by-side with other KPIs in a customizable date range. Drill down to individual calls, agents and customers in Talkdesk.

Create your own dashboards and reports without coding

Customize everything without headaches. You can build your own reports and dashboards from the ground up or take inspiration from the built-in content. Simply drag and drop metrics and select the desired style of visualization. All of this is possible without inputting a single line of code.

To learn more about Ytica and any other AppConnect partners, please visit

Don’t forget to register for Talkdesk and Ytica’s joint webinar on August 30th at 10 a.m. PDT about uncovering the power of analytics and reporting for your contact centers.

Join us to see how you can:

  • Understand ring time, queue time, talk time and wrap-up time and slice those data by ring group to identify top performers and areas where you need to provide coaching
  • Determine the service level you should strive for to minimize abandon rates
  • Gain deep insight into your customers’ sentiment to discover which are at the risk of leaving

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Sharon Tran

Sharon Tran

Sharon is the Partner Marketing Manager at Talkdesk. She enjoys a good hike, loves reading mystery novels and will quote "Friends" any chance she gets.