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Should customer service leaders fear ChatGPT?

Ben Rigby, Talkdesk
By Ben Rigby

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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Businesses Modernize Customer Engagement
Chatgpt And The Contact Center Of The Future


ChatGPT and the contact center of the future

Ben Rigby, Talkdesk

Ben Rigby

SVP, Global Head of Product & Engineering, Growth at Talkdesk, unicorn contact center software as a service (CCaaS). Previously led AI at Directly: Automating customer service with AI-powered virtual agents; CEO of Using machine learning models to predict churn, retention and LTV; Software engineer at The Main Quad: acquired by Student Advantage; Engineering lead for The North Face's consumer web site for five years; CTO at SaaS startup with clients including Sam Adams, Hyundai, Old Navy, IBM, The Sierra Club and Scion.