How does your call center stack up against the competition? At the end of 2015, we surveyed our top customers to learn which were the top call center metrics they tracked and we then reported their results, aggregating the data to bring you the average call center KPI benchmarks by industry. Check out the results in this infographic.

call center infographic

Average Abandonment Rate – 12%

It is the average number of calls that were disconnected before the caller was routed to an agent. Why does this call center KPI matter? Because 67% of customers hang up the phone because they are frustrated they can’t talk to a real person. (Source: American Express)

Average Abandonment Rate by industry:

  • Software & Internet – 15%
  • Retail – 12%
  • Business Services – 10%
  • Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech – 13%
  • Financial Services – 16%

Average Time in Queue – 3.4 seconds

It is the average amount of time callers spend in the waiting queue before they are connected to an agent. It’s an important call center metric because 75% of customers say it takes too long to reach a live agent. (Source: Harris Interactive) Today’s customer’s live in a real-time economy, so the shorter the wait, the better.

Average Time in Queue by industry:

  • Software & Internet – 4.27s
  • Retail – 3.50s
  • Business Services – 2.94s
  • Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech – 2.25s
  • Financial Services – 3.24s

Average Speed to Answer – 4.3 seconds

It is the average time the call center agent took to answer inbound calls. According to a study by Velaro, nearly 60% of consumers are not willing to wait on hold for customer service for more than one minute. When customers reach out to customer service it’s usually because they have an issue that needs solving quickly. Don’t keep them on hold.

Average Speed to Answer by industry:

  • Software & Internet – 4.50s
  • Retail – 4.48s
  • Business Services – 4.95s
  • Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech – 3.22s
  • Financial Services – 3.50s

Service Level

It’s the percentage of inbound calls that are answered below the target threshold. You can calculate it by adding the calls answered within threshold and calls abandoned within threshold, divided by the sum of total calls answered and calls abandoned. Multiply your value by 100 to get a percentage value. There are no industry standards for Service Level because acceptable thresholds vary. Striving to constantly improve your call center service level is a business imperative because, according to a poll by Harris Interactive, nearly 90% of U.S. consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience.

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