How to Optimize Your IVR Configuration

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When a customer is unable to resolve the issue on their own, they pick up the telephone. When they do, they expect the agent answering their call to be the best agent available to address the issue without being transferred; know who they are without reciting a string of information about their account, issue and requests; and have access to all required information in order to resolve their issue quickly and with a minimum of additional effort.

To properly address these issues and create a customer experience that leaves a lasting impression, contact center platforms must have an agile Interactive Voice Response (IVR) configuration and platform that:

  • Enrich, extract and filter data to instantly identify and route callers to both the channel and agent with the highest likelihood to achieve first-call resolution
  • Improve your routing strategies with the automated application of data insights
  • Enable users to create call flows simply and without any coding expertise
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