Terms for Communication Services.

Talkdesk Partners

1. Supplier 

Effective as of March 1, 2024, Communication Services provided under the Agreement will be supplied by TCS LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Talkdesk. The terms of the Agreement and these terms shall apply between Customer and TCS LLC. Talkdesk shall have the right to invoice Customer and enforce any right on behalf of TCS LLC.

2. Communication Services in the US

2.1 Regulated Communication Services

The following Communication Services are regulated and their licences and usage are subject to Taxes and Charges when provided in the United States:

  • Talkdesk Dialer;
  • Talkdesk Phone.

Talkdesk may charge and Customer shall pay all Taxes and Charges imposed on or incident to the provision, sale or use of such Services, whether imposed on Talkdesk, TCS LLC  or any Affiliate of Talkdesk. Some Taxes and Charges, and costs of administering the same, are recovered through imposition of a percentage surcharge(s) on the Services Fees. For the avoidance of doubt, the Services Fees are exclusive of Taxes and Charges. You will see the applicable Taxes and Charges detailed on your invoice, a description of them is also available at https://www.talkdesk.com/legal/tax/taxes-and-fees/.

2.2 Voice Calls to/from United States Phone Numbers 

Non compliance with   FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule  shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement, allowing Talkdesk to immediately terminate the Agreement, any Order Form and/or the Service Term. Customer shall cooperate with Talkdesk to determine the origin of a voice call to/from a United States phone number that is suspected of being an illegal robocall.

3. General

Capitalised terms herein are defined in the Agreement or, where not defined there, in the online terms of service https://www.talkdesk.com/terms-of-service/ . By continuing to use the Communication Services, Customer agrees to any changes to these terms. In the event of any conflict with the Agreement, these terms shall prevail.