Talkdesk redefines the contact center with CX Cloud

By Steve Bell

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Talkdesk cloud platform empowers companies to deliver great, seamless customer experiences.

With the recent announcement of Talkdesk CX Cloud™, Talkdesk tackles one of the most painful and frustrating issues that customer-focused companies face: trying to deliver great customer experiences in the contact center while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Talkdesk cloud platform responds to the need for business agility.

Consumers have more choice than ever before, and they are increasingly choosing vendor relationships based on quality of customer experience.

“Today, 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience  up from just 36% in 2010″
Shep Hyken Forbes article, Customer Experience is the New Brand.

Meanwhile, the rate of competitive disruption and the emergence of new business models threatens traditional business. Those companies that demonstrate business agility and innovation will be the winners in the customer experience battle, setting them up to survive and thrive into the future. But business agility and innovation to compete and win on customer experience are severely hindered by the typical contact center technology stack today.

The typical contact center is an amalgamation of disparate and mostly siloed technologies. This began decades ago with on-premises systems, but has persisted and even accelerated with the advent of cloud-based technologies. These disparate systems range from communication channel point products like chat, telephony and messaging apps, to siloed customer relationship management (CRM) systems, to disconnected workforce management, quality management, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and more.

Integrating this patchwork of systems is often impossible, and the “baling wire and duct tape” attempts to hold them together have well-documented results, including high maintenance cost, high IT overhead, poor reliability and crucially, bad customer experiences. Companies have had enough. They need more business agility. They need more operational efficiency and cost reduction. What they want is one unified cloud solution: A unified agent experience. A unified supervisor and admin experience. A unified customer experience. One platform. One “throat to choke” for all service issues.

Introducing Talkdesk CX Cloud™, a new kind of contact center solution.

Talkdesk CX Cloud is the first end-to-end solution for delivering great customer experiences. Built on a modern cloud-native microservices architecture, Talkdesk CX Cloud provides the most comprehensive suite of contact center applications on a single cloud platform, including:

  • Customer engagement applications to help organizations intelligently and cost-effectively interact with customers on the channel of their choice. This includes interactive voice response (IVR), omnichannel, self-service, and outbound.
  • Workforce engagement applications to ensure teams are engaged, empowered and productive. This includes fully integrated agent desktop, mobile app, workforce management, quality management and call recording.
  • Enterprise collaboration solutions that extend customer support beyond the walls of the contact center enabling access to subject matter experts across the company.
  • AI and knowledge solutions to reduce cost and drive smarter, more efficient interactions. This includes applications for agent assistance, customer self-service, knowledge management, security monitoring, and even sourcing contact center talent.
  • Analytics and Insights to ensure peak operational performance, including flexible and intuitive real-time operational dashboards, BI tools and surveys.

Talkdesk CX Cloud offers more than 60 pre-built one-click integrations to CRM and other business applications, including Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Users can now also build custom integrations—right from within CX Cloud—using Talkdesk Connections™ integration builder. Connections extends Talkdesk’s “clicks, not code” philosophy, reducing demand on IT teams to build, test and deploy new integrations, by enabling enterprises to integrate their contact center to any third-party system using simple configurations. With Connections, enterprises can integrate critical applications using simple configurations in order to optimize contact center operations, orchestrate automated workflows and deliver a world-class customer experience.

Further extensibility is provided via 1-click access to over 50 contact center productivity apps with a 30 day trial before you buy, with our AppConnect marketplace. Talkdesk cloud aims to give customers choices and AppConnect provides the widest selection of applications to augment contact center functionality—all pre-integrated with and accessible through CX Cloud.

Talkdesk CX Cloud’s AI-powered platform delivers enterprise scalability and security backed by a 100% uptime SLA. It includes Talkdesk Guardian™ the first of its kind cloud contact center security suite, which gives enterprises the tools needed to protect sensitive customer data and the integrity of contact center operations through AI-enhanced monitoring, detection and dashboards. Guardian uses behavior analytics to analyze user behavior patterns and alert administrators when unusual behaviors are detected. Talkdesk Proxy™ provides reliable and secure redundancy failover on every level. A variety of flexible deployment options give enterprises the ability to deploy a cloud contact center in a manner that meets their specific digital transformation needs, while white-glove CX Services are provided through the entire customer journey, from implementation and beyond.

Talkdesk CX Cloud is a game-changer for the contact center industry—an end-to-end solution on a single platform, delivering everything companies need to make customer experience their competitive advantage while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing cost.


Steve Bell

Steve is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Talkdesk. Steve is a Seattle transplant with a passion for music, wine, food, and travel.