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Building empathy and connection across multicultural CX teams with Talkdesk technology.

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Using Talkdesk technology to help build empathy and connection across multicultural CX teams.

Lemonade’s mission is to reverse the traditional insurance model and transform insurance into a social good. They make the process simple and transparent by charging a flat fee, paying claims rapidly, and giving back what’s left to causes that customers care about.

Lemonade covers renters, homeowners, car, pet, and term life insurance. With headquarters in New York City, Lemonade has more than one million customers across the globe.

"When people call us, they are usually quite anxious. Something bad has just happened to them—potentially a traumatic experience. In these situations, the team needs to provide a high level of empathy on top of walking through the solutions our customers require. Talkdesk helps me achieve that empathetic, knowledgeable response across my team, even as Lemonade has scaled. The reporting features in Talkdesk help me keep track of every individual's performance. I can easily see their average handling time, talk time, how quickly they picked up the call, and the length of the after-call work. We use all these metrics for our efficiency targets."

Stephanie Baszulewski Sr. Manager of CX Europe at Lemonade

Lemonade partnered with Talkdesk to provide excellent customer service, measure appropriate KPI’s such as average handling time and length of after-call work, and to gain real time visibility into the availability of CX and Claim team members across global offices, which helps provide customers with after-hours support.

"One of the most valuable features of Talkdesk is that it allows us to see who’s working in other offices in real time. Most of Lemonade’s CX and claim team members work out of multiple global locations. But with this feature, anyone can see who else is available to offer after-hours support. Knowing you have backup makes customer experience employees that much more confident and comfortable when answering an emergency claim call."

Stephanie Baszulewski Sr. Manager of CX Europe at Lemonade

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