No Answer Call Forwarding

Route calls to an overflow phone number when all agents are busy to guarantee that every customer’s needs are met.

Talkdesk’s no answer call forwarding feature ensures that your customers are taken care of, even when all of your agents are busy. This feature automatically routes phone calls made during business hours but when your agents are offline to a designated overflow number. With this call center software feature, you can be assured that you will not disappoint customers, miss opportunities to close deals or let prospects get away because you didn’t answer the phone.

Perfect Backup Plan

The no answer call forwarding feature allows you to put in place a reliable backup plan for answering calls when no agents are free to take the call. For example, you could use this feature to have calls routed to another department during lunch hour, to an outsourced call center when all of your agents arrive late, or to managers when their teams are inundated with callers. This feature will ensure that your company is always available to your customers, regardless of the availability of specific agents.

Never Miss a Call

Hire an on-call remote staff or an outsourced call center to answer overflow calls during business hours. No answer call forwarding ensures that your company never misses an opportunity to connect with your customers.

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