Forward calls to mobile phones, SIP phones or landlines to enable your team to remain connected, even when working remotely.

With the forward-to-phone feature, you can forward phone calls from anywhere in the world to a cell phone, landline or computer. This call center software feature can be configured in seconds and changed as often as needed to accommodate your unique business needs. Forward-to-phone is the perfect feature for busy teams who require their call center software to be as flexible as they are.

Maintain a Mobile Workforce

When your team is in the field, forward calls to their mobile phones. This allows your workforce to stay connected, no matter where they are.

Expand Your International Presence

Expand your customer base by purchasing local or toll-free phone numbers from around the United States and the world. Allow your customers to call a familiar number, at local rates, while your team receives calls wherever is most convenient for them – in the office, at home or on their mobile phones. This increases both the agility of your team and your customer satisfaction.

Forward Numbers to Predefined Agents

Define rules so that incoming calls from designated regions, companies or customers are routed to the specific agent with the most appropriate skills or specialized knowledge. This option can help to increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

Monitor Performance From Anywhere

Talkdesk enables you to monitor live calls that have been forwarded to a mobile phone, landline or computer. This call center software feature allows your team to be flexible, mobile and productive while maintaining quality assurance.

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