Automated Workflows

Set up simple workflows to automate tasks and improve productivity. For example, when a call ends, the recording and data could populate into your CRM.

With Talkdesk, you can create simple workflows to automate tasks and improve productivity. For example, you can configure Talkdesk so that recordings and data populate into your CRM after each call ends. When you miss a call, Talkdesk will create a ticket in your integrated helpdesk system. You can customize the ticket to contain the call data, caller information, voicemail recording and voicemail transcription. These workflows are customizable to fit your unique business needs and can be configured in seconds with our drag-and-drop interface. Talkdesk’s automated workflows make it simple to streamline work processes for your entire team.

Reduce After Call Work

Automated workflows reduce after call work, enabling your agents to quickly return to fielding calls. For example, you could create an automated workflow that dictates that when a call ends, the call recording is sent to Salesforce; when a call is missed, a ticket is created in Zendesk; and when a new contact is created in Talkdesk, a contact is created in Shopify. This helps to streamline work processes, increase agent productivity and minimize after call work.

Standardize Processes and Reduce Errors

Automated workflows help to significantly reduce errors and ensure that the information in all of your integrated business tools remains up-to-date. When this information is populated automatically, you can be sure that it is always accurate.

Receive Notifications

You can configure Talkdesk so that you receive an email when a significant event happens. For example, Talkdesk can send an email to your sales manager each time s/he receives a missed call on the sales line. You can also customize the content of this email so that it includes the most relevant information, such as number dialed, voicemail recording, voicemail transcription and call data. This allows your team to stay informed of important events happening in your call center.

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