What do Talkdeskers have to say about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

By João Safara

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2020 has been a challenging and unusual year on so many levels. The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm and governments worldwide declared stay-at-home and social distancing measures to protect public health safety. Such procedures made it difficult for social and cultural demonstrations to take place. Like all big events, gatherings and celebrations had to move to a virtual stage.

The month of June is celebrated worldwide as LGBTQ+* Pride Month since 1969, with members of the community and allies organizing different initiatives to stand up for equality. However, this year the month of June has cast an important light on prejudicial practices against the black community, with the #BlackLivesMatter movement reminding us about the importance of fighting for an anti-racist society on a global scale.

This is not the time to stay silent. Whether because of the pandemic or to honor all social and cultural struggles happening around the world, now is the time to raise our voice, support minorities and be there for each other. Normativity is a paradigm that can be deconstructed if people act together.

Talkdesk® fully supports a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and ensures a discrimination-free recruitment policy. One of Talkdesk’s core values encourages employees to “Be Proud” of who they are and the work they do. As such, Talkdesk has opened a space for its team members to show the world what it means to “Be Proud” and why it is so important at this moment in time.

As we navigate this unprecedented time and try to adapt to the “new normal”, let us all remember that inequality is still very much alive across various structural levels of our society. As the chance to come together physically was temporarily put on hold for social and cultural minorities, Talkdesk provides a platform and proudly encourages everyone to raise their voice.


*The community is also referred to as simply LGBT or LGBTQIA. Please check the available glossary here.

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João Safara

João Safara has extensive experience in content production and management, and enjoys balancing that with people-driven initiatives such as supporting diversity and employer branding. In his free time, you can find João surfing through crime novels, relaxing at the nearest beach or imagining ways to create a more equal and positive society.