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New Feature: After Call Work Role-Based Permissions

By Taylor Johnson

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After call work (ACW) is the amount of time that an agent spends finishing all tasks associated with a call. These tasks often vary according to the role and department of the agent, and may include entering disposition codes, writing notes, sending emails or updating a database, call center software, CRM or helpdesk with information from the interaction. As such, the amount of time each agent needs to complete ACW can also vary.

For example, customer support agents may need two minutes to log all call details, while sales agents may only need 30 seconds to select an appropriate disposition code and enter notes. As a result, ACW permissions and settings should be customized to meet each team’s unique needs.

At Talkdesk, we realize that effectively managing multiple teams using our application requires flexibility, so we now provide the ability to customize ACW permissions for agents in each department or role. Here are a few ways ACW role-based permissions can benefit you, your team and your customers:

  • When an agent’s status is set to “After Call Work”, calls will not be routed to the agent. This allows them to complete the work associated with the call without being interrupted. During this time, teammates can view their colleague’s status on their dashboard so they know whether or not they can transfer calls to them or contact them with questions.
  • Since agents completing ACW are not free to field calls, if your agents spend too much time in this status your call center KPIs can be negatively impacted. To help prevent this issue from occurring, Talkdesk allows you to create an “After Call Work Rule”. This enables you to determine the amount of time an agent can spend completing ACW. Once an agent reaches this threshold, their status will automatically change from “After Call Work” to “Available”, if they have not manually changed their status to “Available” already. This ensures that agents have sufficient time to complete work associated with the call, while allowing managers to more precisely calculate the number of agents needed to handle forecasted call volume.
  • Call center managers typically target reducing after call wrap up time when aiming to enhance agent productivity. They can use this new feature to monitor which agents are performing ACW in real time from their dashboard and view historical ACW metrics for each agent. This will allow them to make more informed decisions and provide agents with data-driven feedback based on their performance.

After Call Work Role-Based Permissions is a great new feature that allows your team to capture relevant customer data while ensuring that they are as efficient as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our call center software features, click the button below to start your free trial today or reach out to your customer success representative.


Taylor Johnson

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