CCW Market Study: State of Generative AI

Ccw Market Study State Generative Ai

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Some technology is about more than uncovering a few new efficiencies or optimizing some antiquated user interfaces. Some technology is about transforming everything you know and feel about customer contact.

Over the past few years, leaders have been eyeing generative AI as an example of the latter. They believe it can revolutionize self-service, transform customer journeys, increase personalization, strengthen our understanding of customers, and unlock unprecedented employee happiness and performance.

But what is the surest pathway to these results? What can we do to ensure generative AI lives up to this hype? What strategic changes must brands make to capitalize on their new tech? The product of CCW Digital’s exclusive, in-depth research, this Market Study has the answers.

Topics include:

  • The truth about how contact center leaders feel about generative AI – and what that means for their strategies, initiatives, and investments in 2024.

  • Biggest CX and EX priorities as contact centers evaluate generative AI.

  • Top generative AI risk factors, including some concerns that are becoming more alarming as AI-driven engagement becomes more common.

  • Insight into the ideal self-service experience, including whether “personalization” is actually important.

  • Leading sources of agent frustration, and the generative AI solutions to these problems.

  • Keys to transforming the agent experience – including hiring, training, and compensation – in the era of agent assist and intelligent automation.