The Stakes to Deliver a Strong Patient Experience are Rising in Healthcare


As revealed in a new report by Talkdesk Research™, heightened patient expectations are raising the stakes for PX


Talkdesk Research focuses on delivering industry-leading thought leadership on customer experience. The Patient Experience (PX) Revolution in Healthcare represents the second report in a series on how experiences are evolving across industries. In developing this report, we surveyed almost 700 patients and more than 160 patient experience (PX) professionals to understand the changing dynamics of PX in healthcare. We heard the same thing over and over: patients expect more out of their experience with healthcare providers and the stakes are rising to meet that expectation.

The CX Revolution in Financial Services

Healthcare providers are at a pivotal moment to reimagine the patient experience. 

For further detail into the evolving landscape of patient experience, download the full report, The Patient Experience (PX) Revolution in Healthcare.


The PX Revolution in Healthcare

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