Best Practices for Delivering Excellent Customer Service Across Channels

In today’s real-time economy, customers have high customer service expectations. Excellent customer service starts with offering a speedy and seamless experience across your support channels. How will your company keep up with demand and deliver great omni-channel support?

This infographic will show you best practices for boosting your customer service on your phone and social media.

Customer Service Across Channels

Executives and Customer Experience

93% of executives say that improving the customer experience is one of their organization’s top priorities.
91% of executives want to be considered a customer experience leader in their industry.
In reality, only 37% of executives have a formal customer experience plan.
20% of executives consider the state of their customer service experience to be advanced.
What Support Channels Are Your Customers Using?
36% phone.
33% live chat.
25% email.
5% online support portal.
2% social media.

What Frustrates Customers Most?

22% being passed between agents.
21% having to contact a brand or organization multiple times for the same issue.
18% not being able to reach a live person.
17% not being able to resolve an issue or find enough helpful information online.
13% impolite customer service agents.
9% being kept waiting on hold.

The Most Important Aspects of an Excellent Customer Service Experience

34% getting the issue resolved fast.
29% resolving the problem on first contact, no matter how long it takes.
27% a friendly, knowledgeable agent.
10% finding the information without help.

Social Media’s Role in Excellent Customer Service

Customers who engage with companies over social media are more loyal. They spend up to 40% more with those companies than other custome