Providing Call Center Feedback Based on Call Monitoring

By Shauna Geraghty

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Call Monitoring

Call Center Feedback is Key for Agent and Customer Experience

Providing call center agents with effective feedback based on data acquired from call monitoring sessions can have a significant impact on team efficiency and agent productivity. It is therefore imperative that call center managers understand how to effectively provide feedback once their call monitoring session ends.

Below are tips and techniques to help optimize the feedback process after acquiring data from a call monitoring session in the call center:

  • Provide the agent with feedback soon after the call monitoring session ends.
  • Make sure that your feedback is concrete and data-driven.
  • Tie your feedback to a performance goal, corporate value, departmental objective or remediation plan.
  • Use your feedback session as an opportunity to guide the agent in the most desired direction.
  • Supplement your observations from the monitoring session with call scoring form data and excerpts from the call recording to help drive home certain points.
  • Review the post-call survey with the agent to provide them with data about the interaction from the caller’s perspective.
  • Use your call center software reporting dashboard to review the call data from the interaction such as time spent in the queue, handle time, hold time and number of transfers.
  • Provide the agent with a copy of the call scoring and evaluation form as well as the call recording for them to review in more detail after they leave the coaching session.
  • Make sure that the agent knows exactly how to increase their performance and what steps they need to take to do so.
  • Create an action plan or remediation plan, if necessary, based on their performance.
  • Log your feedback for each agent so that you can keep track of their progress over time.
  • Call monitoring sessions can yield rich qualitative and quantitative data about an agent’s performance. Make sure you leverage this and provide effective feedback to the agent based on this data using the tips mentioned above. Doing so will help guide your agents down a path to success.


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