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Root Insurance, the nation’s first licensed car insurance carrier powered entirely by mobile, was founded in 2015 and created based on the principle that car insurance rates should be based on how you drive, not who you are. Root is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and is available to drivers in 30 states, with more on their way.

"The impact Talkdesk’s Voice IVR feature has provided is incredible. We are looking forward to scaling the solution across our entire IVR for added savings and increased efficiencies in the months to come."

Kyle Kizer Manager of Customer Service Operations

Root Insurance found that their previous contact center solution was not meeting expectations. It offered limited functionality, with no WFM or Quality Management features, and did not have the training and support functionality that it desired. Root decided to switch to Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center because it brought the support, added functionality and scalability that they needed. Talkdesk’s easy-to-use interface was a huge differentiator for Root as it would allow them to quickly adjust and manage their IVR and agents without the need of an IT Team to support.

Root Insurance Customer Story

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