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Visual SDK

Talkdesk Self-Service streamlines your ability to create customized experiences with SDKs for Android and iOS devices

Build a Powerful Visual IVR Solution with Clicks, Not Code

Preserve context, offer callback requests, and provide direct access to knowledge base articles and other important information using the Talkdesk SDK. No APIs or coding required!

Guide Callers with Clear Visual Instructions

Talkdesk Visual IVR enables your customers to see their navigation options when they call you from a mobile device. Make understanding your IVR an easy experience with clear topic lists and comprehensive routing options.

Provide Direct Access to Articles and Information

A built-in knowledgebase helps your customers help themselves through self-service. And, by using Studio, you can create mobile-friendly resources for customers to search specific topics and quickly access links to external web pages.

Offer Customers Control Over Their Schedule

Increase customer satisfaction by enabling callers to determine the best time for a callback. A customizable form allows you to capture the necessary data, or autofill it with information collected by the mobile app, and have customers simply click to confirm.

Preserve Context Throughout the Customer Journey

Combine the power of context data with a callback request to automatically pass customer information to contact center agents for a more personalized experience. Additionally, the mobile application can pass data programmatically to eliminate the need for further authentication.

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