Local presence dialing.

Increase connection rates by allowing Talkdesk to automatically select the best phone number and area code to display on your outbound caller ID when placing calls.

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What is local presence dialing?

Local presence dialing is when a call center chooses to make outbound calls using a number with a local area code, rather than a toll-free number. When your call center uses local area codes, your customers are more likely to answer calls, improving the contact center’s overall performance. This is because using a local area code builds trust with recipients. Plus, it shows that your business is keeping its customers’ specific locales in mind.

Talkdesk offers several local presence dialing features. For instance, our platform makes phone numbers available for purchase from a variety of geographical locations. You can use Talkdesk to buy these phone numbers with a single click. We can also provide local caller ID, which automatically selects the best phone number according to each customer’s location.

Because of the trust established by local presence dialing, outbound call centers that use it will see an increase in answer rates.

Why should you use local presence dialing?

Increase connection rates by allowing Talkdesk to automatically select the best area code and phone number to display on your outbound caller ID when placing calls with local caller ID. This call center software feature is intended to increase the likelihood that call recipients answer initially or return the call if they miss it. Talkdesk’s local caller ID feature increases connection rates and has a positive effect on the number of closed deals.

Recipient phone number match.

When placing calls, Talkdesk will automatically select the phone number that has the same area code or country code as the recipient of the call, if possible, based upon the phone numbers you have purchased. When recipients see that a familiar number is calling, they are more likely to pick up the phone. This call center software feature increases connection rates and the overall efficiency of your team.

Expand locally and globally.

With Talkdesk, you can purchase phone numbers from across the United States and the globe then allow local caller ID to take care of the rest. This will help you connect with more customers and advance the goals of your business.

One-click phone number purchase.

Purchase phone numbers within a specific geographic region or country with one click. Once purchased, you can automatically start using the phone numbers. This enables your company to rapidly expand to meet the needs of your customers.


Local presence dialing helps to increase the answer rate at outbound call centers. It enables sales reps to make calls using an area code that is local to the recipients. When they recognize where the call is coming from, recipients are more likely to answer the calls.

Familiar area codes establish customer trust and show that a business is intentionally considering their locale. This makes the recipient more likely to pick up the call, increasing the contact center’s answer rate.

Local presence dialing does not require a business to establish office locations in those locations, making it the most cost-effective option for making calls with local area codes.

In addition, local presence dialing can enable better tracking. When you use different phone numbers for different regions, you enable your marketing team to track various metrics tied to each of these individual area codes.

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