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Building a patient-centric healthcare contact center

Building a patient-centric healthcare contact center

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So much of the patient journey takes place outside of the four walls of a clinic or hospital. From scheduling appointments to following up after discharge, there are vital touchpoints that depend on seamless and effective connection between patients and providers when they are not in the same place. As the number and complexity of these interactions increases, the contact center has emerged as a hub for orchestrating and navigating the patient experience.

But the vast majority of provider call centers are built on legacy technology that is not built to unify data from voice, digital, and in-person interactions, offer channel choice, or empower self-service options that do more than frustrate.

This whitepaper explores a better way. We break down key trends that are transforming how providers are thinking about the patient journey and explore tactics and strategies to deliver a reimagined patient experience.

Read about:

  • How patient experiences are driving change.
  • The challenges facing today’s healthcare contact centers.
  • A better way to deliver patient experience through the contact center.
  • What the healthcare contact center of the future looks like.
  • Where does healthcare go next?
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