Talkdesk: Enterprise Cloud Contact Center for the Digital World

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The transition from premises-based to cloud-based systems has been underway for over a decade. Spurred by broader digital transformation initiatives and buoyed by clearcut ROI, cloud initiatives are now ubiquitous across every aspect of business systems such as CRM, Helpdesk, HR, and Finance.

The Contact Center, however, has been slow to adopt the cloud. Legacy, decades-old on-premises systems still pervade, entrenched like a badger in a hole. Why the holdout to modernization?

This Ebook offers a deep dive into Talkdesk’s Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, including:

  • The Talkdesk Architecture
  • Reliability, Disaster Recovery and Failover
  • Global Call Quality
  • Service Delivery & Quality of Service Transparency
  • Security & Compliance
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